Parasites and Joint Pain Connection to Gout


The connection between parasites and joint pain connection to Gout caused by gouty arthritis may be stronger than previously thought.

Parasites and Joint Pain Connection to Gout

About 90 percent of the earth’s population has parasites of some form. These organisms are a common occurrence, and in many cases they won’t even cause major issues to occur. However, in other instances they could lead to a number of problems within the body ranging from organ failure to illness and beyond. One area that they have been linked to is that the chances of developing gout may increase as a result of parasitic organisms.

Parasitic organisms can attach themselves to a number of different organs and body parts, and have various effects. However, they won’t outright trigger joint pain in most cases and may not be directly responsible for the development of gouty arthritis. However, the fact is that the presence of parasitic organisms may lead to an increase of acid within the body. Since this form of arthritis is caused by a buildup of uric acid, it makes sense that the connection between the two is strong.

Additionally, parasitic organisms may cause the kidneys to function at levels below their optimum levels. The kidneys are responsible for filtering out the uric acid within the body. That means that when they’re not working the way they should you’ll face the chance of developing gout. These two potential links between the condition and the parasitic organisms that may be within your body are still being studied, but there’s a growing amount of evidence linking them together.

Combating parasitic infection is important for good health in general, and also for joint pain. To help prevent infection from parasitic organisms, washing your hands on a regular basis is a good idea. If you have pets, avoid letting them lick you in the face or mouth. Also be sure to wash all of your fruits and vegetables. Meats are cooked and thus the chance of parasitic infection is slim, but with fresh fruits and vegetables the chance may be increased.

Simply put, there is a link between parasitic infection and gouty arthritis. If you’re already dealing with this condition, be sure that you manage it properly and consider the possibility of infection. If you don’t currently suffer from it, be sure to prevent it with the right health and wellness measures. Just a few simple steps will help stave off the chance of developing this painful joint related problem.