Editorial Policy

Updated October 5, 2018

Please acknowledge that, in this section, we will discuss our editorial policy.

The staff of our website is dedicated to publishing accurate news and other forms of updates. It is our goal to establish trust with our visitors, which is why we don’t want you to have any doubt in our unbiasedness and accuracy. Our aim is and will be to create both relevant and practical content.

Our editorial team aims to provide relevant and in-depth information related to your health. We cover an extensive range of topics and, with our visitors in mind, we also do some information filtering.

The primary goal is to ensure that managing your personal health is the topic of our content. It is up to the visitors to pick appropriate information for their use. Although accuracy is our top priority, you should never consider our tips an alternative to doctor’s advice.

Medical professionals should always be trusted and we are here only as a complementary tool to their work. Also, if you have any medical problem or doubt about your condition, make sure to ask for tips from a professional even after reading content on the topic.

The Criteria for Publishing Content

These are the factors we consider when we publish content on our website:

  • Relevant – We only write on the topics that can help in managing personal health in a better way. The content may include product information, notifications, expert tips on trending health topics and other health-related news.
  • Clinically significant – We follow medical research, including reputable journals and other industry websites, and present new findings to our visitors.
  • Trendy – We tend to write on topics that currently attract the interest of the general public. For example, you can read about flu advice in the autumn or allergy tips in the spring. We also follow events, such as the month of the Healthy Heart or Awareness of Breast Cancer and write on those topics.

The Importance of Unique Content

First of all, we give our best to secure maximum accuracy and reliability of our information, which is why we are considered a premium health-related informational website. Our editorial team selects the content we publish, including news and other types of articles, and we often include opinions by experts on the topic and professional researchers,

Two things are vital for our editing team:

  • Integrity – We are a journalist and that makes us responsible for delivering unique information, including features, news, references, etc.
  • Independence – Nobody can influence our content as we always strive to be objective and fair.

Editorial Staff’s Policy

We are an independent website and our mission is to deliver educational and informational content to our audience, which may include medical professionals and the general public.

The content you read on our website is unbiased, which means that it cannot be affected by anyone, including partners, sponsors, and products’ manufacturers or suppliers.

If there is a conflict of interest in terms of finances or otherwise, our writers are required to disclose that information. Once we hire them, we inform the supervisor and then decide on the measures that are needed to be taken in order to remove the conflict of interest.

We have staff members that are focused on relationships with partners and sponsors. However, we keep the two parts of our team separate and independent at all times.

The crucial objective of our authors is to deliver accurate, objective, and well-structured articles regardless of the topic they are writing about.

They are encouraged to look for opinions from industry professionals and relevant experts, as well as to include factual information based on evidence-supported information they encounter.

How we Create an Article

First, our staff meets to plan the work for the current day. The news that we write is required to include information from relevant medical research, which we often look in journals and other publications.

Our team also follows news from health agencies and popular trends in the health industry, which we carefully analyze.

We have reporters that contact industry professionals, experts, and medical researchers and discuss the latest topics, updates, and other things that we used to publish news and other content that is entirely original. Each piece of content must be reviewed by our professional editors.

The sources where we receive our stories are medical journals, researches, and other publications, material from expert interviews, as well as announcements by companies and government agencies.

A part of our content is made available by our partners, advertisers, and sponsors, but we make sure to label this content in a clear and adequate way.

Our professional editors take thins from there and proofread the content for accuracy, objectivity, and relevancy, as well as for potential grammar and spelling issues which are immediately fixed. It is only when a piece of content is checked by a professional editor that we move on to publishing.

Third-Party Content

If we agree on publishing this type of content, the editorial team will double-check it to ensure that it doesn’t contain any conflict of interest and that it complies our policies and other regulation. That means the content will be relevant, up to date, and accurate.

Sponsors and Advertisement

While browsing our network, you may notice advertisements in terms of banners, buttons, and other things marked with a “Sponsored” label. Please acknowledge that these do not have to comply with our editorial policies, but are regulated with other procedures.