Advertising Policy

Updated November 20, 2019

If you are interested in advertising on our websites, please make sure to carefully read this policy. The terms are applied to desktop and mobile versions of our website and were designed to regulate different segments of the network’s advertising.

Available advertisements on our website include:

  • Sponsored content
  • Contextual advertisements
  • Badges
  • Third-party banners

We refer all these as “advertisements” or “ads.” Our advertising policy regulates segments like how we accept ads and the way they are displayed on the website, as well as how ads get taken off the platform.

The website has the responsibility to apply the terms of the policy and discretion to interpret it. We reserve the right to adjust the advertisement policy at any moment when we believe that is fitting.

The Advertising Policy’s Guidelines include:

  • The website has absolute discretion to accept or reject any advertisement or advertising type, as well as to choose how the ads will be displayed. Partners that advertise, promote, distribute, or manufacture, services or products listed on the website do not have the right to affect this.
  • The website will only accept highly-professional and accurate advertisements and advertising.

Please take a look at the categories that we do not allow advertising on our website below:

  • Products that are illegal or by any means “objectionable” (the website has the sole discretion to decide what is considered “objectionable”)
  • Offensive, misleading, illicit, deceptive, and fraudulent advertisements or parts of it
  • Advertising or parts of it that discriminate, ridicule, misrepresent or directly attack a group or individual
  • Firearms, weapons, fireworks, ammunition, alcohol, gambling, tobacco use, pornography and themes related to it cannot be advertised on our website
  • Advertisements intended for the promotion of the products for minors that are less than 13 years old
  • Advertising any messages or media that are rated “M,” including video games and any other content
  • Exaggerating, unlikely, unreasonable, and otherwise unsubstantiated claims about a service or product will also not be accepted
  • Flashing or strobing advertisements
  • Advertisements that are not in line with the agreed and provided space
  • Any ads that do not withdraw to the ad space where they were defined to be placed after a visitor scrolls up or down.
  • Advertisements without a button for closing the advertising message or unit after it was initiated by the user. The button can be in the form of “X” or “Close”
  • Advertisements that replicate functions of a computer

Please note that we consider advertisement a different entity compared to editorial and sponsored content and that is how we treat it.

If a visitor clicks the ad, it will take him to the advertiser’s website (or the desired website of their choice) or the section of the website that is considered to be a sponsored content segment related to that advertisement.

Our website has the sole discretion to decide about how to display search results for searches based on topic or keyword. In case we publish sponsored content, we will clearly label it, and this rule is also applied to any other filtered information.

The terms mentioned are applied by the website on Google Ads, which are connected with links to the relevant websites.

Any content from a third-party source needs to follow these Advertising Guidelines. The website has its own policy for content labeling. Advertisements should not take the visitors directly to a page where they are expected to enter an e-mail or register.

Our website has absolute discretion to choose whether an advertisement will be published on the platform, rejected, removed, or canceled. This is the right we reserve at all times, but we are also obliged to notify partners in case of removing, rejecting, or canceling their advertisements.

The advertisers are expected to follow all applicable domestic and international laws and other regulations, including disclosure, legends, and statements.

The advertisements should not have tags, pixels, flash containers or any other code that is collecting information. The website will filter cookies, beacons, and any other info to protect itself.