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Allow us to welcome you to Joint Health Magazine, which is the name of the website located at JointHealthMagazine.com. This is a commercial platform aiming to provide content to those interested in learning more about general joint health, as well as ways how to improve and maintain it.

The goal of the website is to provide health-related content of high value to the readers and help them discover more on how to enhance their health. We also offer information on products that are related to joint health and aim to help the readers save by helping them choose the right joint-caring products. The content that you may read on our platform is written by authors and editors with experience in the health industry.

We are a commercial platform. As such, we maintain our website and publish new content by investing our own money, time, and effort. If you read about a supplement or another product on our platform and find a link to the purchasing page of that product, please acknowledge that we might be entitled to a commission if you finalize the purchase. Despite that, we make sure that no one can affect the quality of content on our website, including the manufacturers of the product.

The type of information that you will find on our website is divided across several sections. While browsing, you may encounter posts that are related to trending health topics, as well as guides with in-depth information about a particular health condition. In the pages with product reviews, we will supply product information, including facts about the manufacturer, information about the ingredients and the working process, and other specifications. Our authors may also provide information about the price and purchasing options for products, as well as links to referral websites.

Our writers do their best to provide only verifiable facts in the product reviews. They resort to reading numerous other reviews of the same product on other platforms, as well as checking out the existing users’ feedback and their opinions. They sublime this information in a single review that aims to provide an accurate estimation of the product as possible. If a visitor notices that we published an inaccurate fact or information, they are welcome to contact us. Each inaccuracy report is double-checked and our staff makes the required corrections needed.

Disclosure for Affiliate Compensation

This disclosure is given by 21Century Web, Pvt. Ltd (hereby referred to s “our” or “we”) and should be applied to all types of contents and version of this platform, including the PC and a mobile variant of the website (hereby referred to as “Website”). The point of publishing this document is to make available our relations, especially in terms of financing, with any third parties that may appear on the Website, including sponsors, advertisers, and affiliated. The disclosure is compliant to the Use of testimonials and Endorsement in Advertising in the Commission’s Guides published by the Federal Trade, 16.C.F.R. Part 25.

On some pages published on this Website, one may find referral links to resources and services that have the goal of supporting brands and products. Our website is a part of those affiliate partnerships and is entitled to compensation if the visitor chooses to purchase a particular product using the links provided on our website. The financial agreement that we have with certain third parties will never, in any way, influence what we write about a particular product or brand.

Some of the affiliate programs we belong to are Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, Amazon Associates, Rakuten, Google AdSense, Flexoffers, Morniche, and iHealth Services. Please acknowledge that the list is not complete and can be changed at any moment.

If you encounter commercial content on our website, you will notice information regarding the affiliate product at the top of the page. Before you move on to reading the article or review, please make sure to check the statement we published.
The content Joint Health Magazine publishes on this website is intended for increasing the knowledge of the general public about joint health.

You shouldn’t consider it an alternative to the advice given by a doctor or another medical professional. It also shouldn’t be used in treating various medical conditions related to joint health. If you suspect of having a health issue, please schedule a consultation with a medical professional with necessary qualifications and do not use information from this website to treat or diagnose any health-related issues prior to consulting with your doctor.
If you have any dilemmas or questions about how this website works or you would like to know more about a particular product before purchasing it, do not hesitate to use our contact form to get in touch.