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Updated May 14, 2020
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Welcome to Joint Health Magazine, where we have compiled an in-depth range of joint health information, latest insights and product reviews. We are a team of writers with backgrounds ranging from medical imaging and psychology to law and life coaching.

We are all passionate about providing you with comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on health-related methods, techniques and products. Our extensively-researched content goes beyond the end results – we help you understand the way these things can positively impact your life.

Our articles can help answer many of your questions about different aspects of joint health. We talk about changes you can make to improve your lifestyle and, in turn, your health and wellbeing. We look into how and why things work, as well as giving hints and tips for using tools and techniques.

If you are looking for a new joint pain supplement or to upgrade your old product, then our comprehensive review section can help you choose the right one.

Here, we have examined the products we consider to be the best on the market to save you time and effort when considering your options. With each one, we also give a thorough buyer’s guide, which includes information and advice on the best product features to look out for as well as tips on choosing and using them.

We strive to give you the best advice. We put a lot of research into our posts and regularly cite science journals and research papers to give you fact-based information. We are proud of the work that goes into each of our pieces and hope you enjoy them!

We are an awesome online magazine that’s revolutionizing how consumers and experts research products. Here, you can:

  • Learn facts about companies, their products and services
  • Read product reviews from real experts and consumers just like you
  • Educate yourself through our articles

Mission & Vision

What We Do

The Joint Health Magazine provides complete joint health information for anyone experiencing joint pain, whether you’re a senior with age-related pain, an athlete with a sporting injury or simply someone suffering from day-to-day aches and stiffness.

We offer vital information, resources, the latest scientific news and community connections to give you and your family a personalized plan for living life to its fullest.

Out goal is to provide high-value health related content to our readers and help them discover ways to enhance their quality of life. By offering information written by some of the top health experts in their field, out readers will save time and money when choosing the best joint health supplements.

We are a commercial platform. As such, we maintain our website and publish new content by investing our own money, time and effort. If you read about a supplement or another product on our platform and find a link to the purchasing page of that product, please acknowledge that we might be entitled to a commission if you finalize the purchase.

Despite that, you can be assured that our content offers an unbiased opinion that is not influenced or affected by any manufacturer.

The type of information that you will find on our website is divided across several sections. While browsing, you may encounter posts that are related to trending health topics, as well as guides with in-depth information about a particular health condition.

The review pages will provide product information, including facts about the manufacturer, information about the ingredients, the working process and other specifications. Our authors may also offer information about the price and purchasing options for products, as well as links to referral websites.


The Medical Reviewers and Contributors Board
Learn more about the people who have made the Joint Health Magazine such a successful nonprofit, including our board members.

These experienced medical and nutritional professionals join us in our mission to empower you to confidently take the next steps in your health journey—for yourself or for a loved one. They review articles that contain medical information, ensuring that the content is thorough and reflects the latest in evidence-based research and health information.

Our writers do their best to provide only verifiable facts in the product reviews. Through extensive research that includes studying third party reviews, customer feedback, and expert opinions, they create succinct and concise articles that aim to provide the most accurate information possible. If you notice an inaccuracy in our reporting, we encourage you to contact us straight away so we can address the issue and make the necessary correction.

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What’s In It for You?

Instead of wasting time and money on buying the wrong products, Joint Health Magazine’s detailed product reviews help you make the right choice the first time.

Additionally, Joint Health Magazine helps educate you on how to become a more savvy consumer through our regular articles, which are specifically created to contain real-world information that you can act upon immediately. Not only will you learn how to distinguish a real product from a scam, you’ll also find life hacks, how-to-guides, the latest in consumer trends and many other features that add value to our overall content.

We spend hours researching and writing each article to help readers make the right purchasing decisions. Our reviews and recommendations are based on quantitative measures like product specs, features, prices, etc., as well as qualitative factors through crowdsourced opinions, hands-on testing, expert interviews and vendor/ manufacturer communication.

All these factors are considered before we form our opinion. By combining our own real-world experiences and expertise with extensive market research, we are able to combine both qualitative and quantitative factors that would be incredibly difficult for the typical consumer to do on their own.

Who Do We Want To Help?

Life is hectic and most people simply don’t have time to research the best possible products on the market. That means they have to:

a) rely on website reviews, which may contain paid-for content with manipulated results
b) rely on word of mouth, or
c) choose based on a company’s advertising.

These options make it difficult to choose the best product for your specific needs.

How Do We Determine Which Product Is Best?

Determining the “best” product is not as straightforward as some might think. While some products have concrete metrics that can be compared against one another, other products aren’t so straightforward. In order to measure qualitative information, we draw on research and conversations with experts to narrow the field of products.

From there, we develop a series of quantitative and qualitative tests designed to identify one or two top-performing products. We are completely transparent in the process and will always explain how and why we came to our conclusion. We’ll also explain why the other “finalists” didn’t ultimately make the cut.

How Do We Make Money?

This disclosure is given by Kyzooma Private Limited, (hereby referred to as “our” or “we”) and should be applied to all types of contents and version of this platform, including the PC and a mobile variant of the website (hereby referred to as “Website”).

The point of publishing this document is to make available our relations, especially in terms of financing, with any third parties that may appear on the Website, including sponsors, advertisers, and affiliates. The disclosure is compliant to the Use of Testimonials and Endorsement in Advertising in the Commission’s Guides published by the Federal Trade, 16.C.F.R. Part 25.

On some pages published on this Website, one may find referral links to resources and services that have the goal of supporting brands and products. Our website is a part of those affiliate partnerships and is entitled to compensation if the visitor chooses to purchase a particular product using the links provided on our website. The financial agreement that we have with certain third parties will never, in any way, influence what we write about a particular product or brand.

Some of the affiliate programs we belong to are Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, Amazon Associates, Rakuten, Google AdSense, Flexoffers, Morniche, and iHealth Services. Please acknowledge that this list is not complete and can be changed at any moment.

If you encounter commercial content on our website, you will notice information regarding the affiliate product at the top of the page. Before you move on to reading the article or review, please make sure to check the statement we published.

The content Joint Health Magazine publishes on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only regarding joint health. It does not replace any advice provided by a doctor or other medical professional and should not be used in your decision-making process in relation to the treatment of joint health conditions.

If you have a health issue or concern, please schedule a consultation with a medical professional with necessary qualifications and do not use information from this website to treat or diagnose any health-related issues prior to consulting with your doctor.

Looking For a Product We Haven’t Reviewed?

We love to engage with our readers! Whether there’s a certain product you’d like us to review, a health issue you want us to cover or any other feedback about our site, we welcome your suggestions and encourage you to get in touch via our contact form – we look forward to hearing from you!