Terms and Conditions

Updated October 5, 2018

Terms of Use

Allow us to welcome you to our website, which is there to serve you – the visitors. Please acknowledge that our platform has a set of terms and conditions that you agree to by using our website. You can find the terms of use below and we advise you to read them with utmost care. In case you do not agree with our terms and conditions, our advice is not to read and utilize any information you find on our website or buy products or services through our platform.

1. You agree to the Terms of Use provided on this page. This is an agreement acceptance between our website and you as the visitor. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree that this agreement will supersede any other agreement, warranty, representation, or any other agreement related to this website, reviewed products, and provided services, including the content of the website.

We have a sole discretion to change the Terms of Use without notifying you. However, you will always be able to find the currently valid Terms and Conditions on our websites. Make sure to regularly check for potential changes and updates to the agreement.

2. We reserve copyright for the content. Everything published on this website, including text content, graphics, charts, visual design, digital conversion, magnetic translation, images, and any other content is protected by copyright and other applicable laws. Please acknowledge that it is forbidden to redistribute, directly copy, or publish information from this website or any its part. By viewing the content, you do not receive the rights to own it. Publishing materials and information on the website don’t mean that the contributor is giving up the right to those materials and information.

3. This website doesn’t have any affiliation with the holders of the trademarks we publish. The website published names of products and brands, as well as their logos and other images, but they remain in the ownership of their respective holders. The only reason why we publish this content is to increase the quality of the product’s description. This doesn’t mean that we have any type of relationship, financial or otherwise, with the company that holds the property rights of the product, brand, or service mentioned. Trademark law that regulates fair use is applied to the trademark content we publish on our website. The trademark holders do not affect the content of our website.

4. The information from the website can solely be used for personal use. You are allowed to read, download, and/or print the content published on our website ONLY if it is planned for personal use. By any means, you are not allowed to republish, redistribute, sell, or otherwise use information in other purposes. Content or any part of it cannot be used for reproduction and cannot be implemented in mechanical, electronic or any other system for retrieving information.

5. We have sole discretion to adjust the information on the website. Our editorial team can modify, edit, or delete the content published on the website at any given time.

6. We cannot be held responsible for you violating the Terms of Use. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions mentioned here, you are freeing our website, staff, attorneys, partners, and affiliates from any loss, liability, and expense, such as standard lawyers’ fees, that come due to you violating the Terms and Conditions.

7. You cannot transfer the right to website usage. If you receive a password or any other sensitive information to gain access to documents and other forms of content, you are agreeing that this right is only given to you and you cannot transfer it to anyone else.

8. The Website Disclaimer – You are hereby informed that any information provided by our website and read while browsing it on a strictly “as available” or “as-is” basis. Implied or expressed warranties, such as those related to the effectiveness and suitability of merchandise for a specific purpose and any other type of warranty, are hereby disclaimed.

It may happen that there are mistakes, errors, bugs, or other types of limitations with the provided information. The website or its affiliates cannot be held responsible in any way regarding how visitors use this platform and provided information on it.

We particularly emphasized that we cannot be held accountable for issues included but not limited to damage that may appear as a consequence of warranty breach, contract breach, negligence or another tort, product ineffectiveness and others.

The foundation of your agreement to our Terms of Use is that you free us for any accountability for damages caused by the use of the information provided or product purchased via this website. There is no warranty or any other form of guarantee for the information published on the website.

9. We cannot be held accountable for any damage that may happen from you using or being unable to use our website properly. This damage includes, but is not limited to electronic viruses that may harm your computer. The maximum accountability of the website is that the information about the buying price will be equal to the actual purchasing cost.

10. You give your authorization to the website and its staff to use the information related to how you use this website in any way that fits with our Privacy Policy.

11. The website publishes advertisements and provides links to third-party websites and services. While browsing our platform, you may encounter advertisements and links that may take you to our partners’ websites, where you may be able to purchase products or services. The content of the website and the products and information offered on third-party websites is strictly regulated by the administrators of that website and you understand that it has nothing to do with our staff or website.

The partners we promote on our websites are solely responsible for customer service, processing and delivering your orders, as well as charging you for them. We do not participate in any way in the transactions agreed with you and any third-party websites you may have proceeded to from our website.


12. Third-Party Websites’ Policies. Once you leave our website and proceed to a third-party site, we cannot be held responsible for the information provided or the damage that may arise due to that. It is only the administrators of the website you are currently browsing that are responsible for the type of information they provide to you.

You are also required to follow their policies, rules, and other procedures. Although we may provide links to the third-party website, we have no relationship whatsoever and we are completely independent companies, which means that neither of use represents the other party.

13. You agree that there may be occasional changes to the Privacy Policy.

14. Visitors are required to provide accurate information. In case you are buying something directly from us or our website, you agree that A) you will provide accurate, complete, and correct information about your debit or credit card, B) the credit card provider will process the charges that you agree too, and C) you will pay any cost that was made by you and is related to product prices, applicable taxes, and postal delivery.

15. Third-Party Links. You hereby acknowledge that you will find links that lead to third-party websites on our platform. Any information, including opinions, the accuracy of content, and anything else provided on the website, is provided by the administrators of that website.

We cannot be held accountable for that content as we do not check or monitor its relevancy, objectivity, and completeness. Posting a link doesn’t mean that we approve or participate in creating the content on the website we link to. Once you leave our website, you do so at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for your use of those sites.

16.You are required to respect copyright ownership just like we do. In case you believe the content on our website is a copy of your work, you may file a report for copyright infringement and we will respond in the shortest possible timeframe.

Please make sure to provide us with the following:

  • A signature of the copyright owner or someone who is authorized to act on their behalf, in physical or electronic form;
  • A detailed description of why you believe there has been a copyright infringement, including the link(s) to the pages where you think the infringement occurred;
  • A working e-mail address, telephone number, and your physical address for content;
  • A statement that you think there has been a violation of your copyright ownership, as well as a statement that you guarantee, under perjury or penalty, that there has been an infringement and that you are the owner of the copyright or you have to right to act on their behalf.

Please consider that the sender of a notice for taking down the copyrighted material needs to ensure that the material isn’t published under fair use laws.

If you are unsure whether there has been a copyright infringement, we suggest contacting a lawyer. Please note that we can and will hold you accountable for any damage arising from misrepresenting a copyright infringement, which may include lawyer costs and other fees. We have a specialized form that you can use to deliver us your complaint.

17. Other. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, we treat this like your agreement was signed and executed in India (Nagpur, Maharashtra). As such it will be governed by the laws of Government of Maharashtra State and India. If you take any action related to the website use, you have to do so within a year (one year) after the cause occurred.

After the year expires, it will be barred and waived forever. Please note that any action is also susceptible to limits mentioned in Part 8 and Part 10 of these Terms and Conditions. Fair meaning interpretation will be applied to the language used in these Terms of Use and any legal proceeding that arises from this document will solely be brought in Nagpur.

The laws and the regions mentioned are the sole ones that have jurisdiction of any legal proceeding related to this document and this is something you expressly agree to. If a part of the Terms of Use cannot be enforced or is considered invalid for any reason, the applicable law may approve it to be construed while all other sections will remain in full effect. You agreed to these Terms of Use and therefore accepted that any other warranty or agreement related to the website are super-ceded.

The Terms of Use have precedence in case that any other section of the website is inconsistent or in conflict with it. In case that happens, it means that we failed to enforce a part of these Terms and Conditions properly, but that shouldn’t be considered a waiver to them.