Copyright and DMCA Policy

Updated February 19, 2019

WHO WE ARE: Our company is among the leading online providers of health solution. We attract a different audience in large numbers, including medical professionals and consumers.

Our goal is connecting consumers that are conscious about their health with reputable brands of healthcare products and services.

The content published on our platform includes but may not be limited to health news, concerns, and general topics, as well as information about products, including specifications, reviews, and personalized recommendations.

You may also find information related to buying a product or service, including its availability, cost, and links to third-party referral websites. These types of content are always clearly shown on our platform.

Web Principles and Values

CHARTS AND GRAPHICS: The goal of creating and showing charts and other graphics on the website is to accurately portray data in a visual way.

Graphics are never estimated or made up and they are always based on factual information. The charts never portray modified data so that they could fit our demands or expectations, visual or otherwise.

PICTURES: Photos and pictures that you see published on our platform are either in the content author’s ownership or they are published under a license.

We never publish images without acquiring a license and all photos on our network are subject to worldwide laws. Our website never modifies or changes image contents in any way.

VULGARITIES AND OBSCENITIES: Our website never publishes content that is considered offensive in any way, including but not limited to profanities, obscenities, vulgarities, or any other type of discrimination.

NO PLAGIARISM: The content published on our website is considered unique, which means that it is not copied from any other website or source.

The authors or contributors of a story or any other published content must ensure that the phrasing and the content itself are entirely original.

COPYRIGHT POLICY: Our company follows the regulations when it comes to others’ right to intellectual property. We ensure to reply to any report that the content published on our website in any way does not follow these regulations.

If you are the respected owner of the copyright, or you are given a permission to report the content in the name of the owner, please contact us and report infringement of copyright that you noticed while browsing our network.

Please acknowledge that reports should be delivered in writing and include an in-depth description of the issue.

Also, please note that, in case you mispresented a copyright infringement, you may be held responsible for covering the damages, which may include lawyers’ charges and other costs.

DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT POLICY: The reason why the DMCA was implemented was to protect owners of the copyright on the United States soil.

The DMCA is not applicable internationally. Our company has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the Act thanks to our team of experienced and professional lawyers.

DMCA TAKEDOWN REQUEST – USING AND ABUSING THE PROCESS: The notices for taking down information in accordance with the DMCA policy are often used by individuals and marketing business to pull down certain information from websites.

However, the policy can also be abused as individuals sometimes tend to ask taking down of images and content that are perfectly legal and do not infringe any copyright.

The effects of a Takedown Notice are multiple – it can prevent access to a website and potentially deteriorate or close the company in question, and otherwise affect the online presence of a business.

Our company is aware of serious consequences when it comes to infringing copyright and that is why we are dedicated to complying with the International Property Rights laws in our domain of jurisdiction in India.

  • Our website understands and respects others’ rights to intellectual property. In case of reporting an issue regarding our content infringing your copyright, we make sure to respond to that claim as long as it is legitimate and related to issues that are governed by the law in India. If a foreign entity files a complaint regarding copyrights, our website will ensure to also respect that.
  • If you have a business or company that is governed by the laws in India and you are the owner of a copyright content that we published on our website, you are required to send a notice to our company in writing. In that notice, you need to include all relevant details of the infringement you believe happened. You may also send us a notice if you are authorized by the copyright owner, but please note that the senders of any false reports may be considered responsible for any damages caused by them, including lawyers’ costs and other charges.

If you are sending a DMCA notice over an alleged copyright infringement, we urge you to reconsider if the content or the form of material in question is fairly used. Also, please note once again that DMCA can only be used under US laws and not Indian laws.

Just because you sent us a DMCA Notice doesn’t mean our company or providers of our hosting will take down the content in question. Our website isn’t a part of US jurisdiction because we are not a US-based entity.

In cases where you are not certain that there is a copyright infringement for any material posted to our website, keep in mind that you may be held responsible for costs and other damages or misrepresentation of infringement cases. If it is under the jurisdiction of Indian laws, we will look to collect those costs as we did in the past.

We take threats and abuses of the DMCA policy with extreme caution. Finally, we once again remind you that the US lawmakers passed it to protect US digital space and copyright owners there.

MATERIAL INTERESTS: The authors, contributors, and other employees of our website that write, modify, edit, or in any way contribute to the content are required and expected to avoid any conflict of interest.

That is why, we require them to inform us of any connections that there might be between them and the manufacturer of the product or its supplier, as well as a provider of the service if the topic of the page is writing about a service. Our company will inform the visitors about a potential financial relationship if this occurs.

JURISDICTION AND GOVERNING LAW: Indian law will be in charge of governing any disputes emerging due to the visitors’ usage on the website or buying a service or a product through the network. An Indian company is the owner of the website and that is why we are subject to Indian laws.