Heal-n-Soothe Reviews: The Ultimate Solution for Pain Relief

Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement to naturally relieve joint pain, ensuring all body joints are well-lubricated and perfectly nourished, read more below.
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In this honest review of Heal N Soothe, we will provide you all the information you need to know about the ingredients in Heal n Soothe and whether they are effective in relieving pain. We have reviewed each ingredient based on medical research. Also, we will discuss Heal N Soothe’s pros and cons and also we will analyze How Heal N Soothe works? and provide its FAQs. Read our review till the end to make sure you should buy this product or not.

What Is Heal N Soothe?

Livingwell Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement with questionable anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in antioxidants which purport to heal arthritis pain relief, joint pain muscle, and knee pain relief. The kinds of ingredients used to create this supplement were selected in a way that only somewhat offers the body an all-natural treatment for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and other pain-related issues.

The manufacturer reportedly claims that this product offers painkilling benefits by reducing inflammation and destroying the agents that cause inflammation. Heal N Soothe is available for sale at the official website without a prescription. It is packed in pill form in a white bottle that will last you an entire month with the recommended dosage.

Heal N Soothe
Editor’s Rating
4.8 / 5.0
Heal N Soothe Reviewer Rating

Official Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

  • SefetySefety4.6/5
  • PricingPricing4.7/5
  • IngredientsIngredients4.6/5
  • Non GmoNon Gmo4.7/5
    • Contains a blend of natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Aims to reduce inflammation in the body, a common cause of joint pain.
    • Designed to alleviate joint pain, muscle aches, and discomfort.
    • Formulated as a systemic enzyme blend to support overall wellness and natural healing.


  • Form:Capsules
  • Brand:Living Well Nutraceuticals
  • Ingredients:Boswellia Serrata, Rutin, Papain, Bromelain etc
  • Contact: 866-843-4319
  • Name:Heal and Soothe
  • Price:$49.00
  • Unitcount:90 Capsules
  • Serving Size:3 Capsules

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Heal N Soothe?

Heal-n-Soothe is thus marketed as a product that aims to fight and reduce inflammation in the body. It claims to protect the body from free radicals by raising the levels of proteolytic enzymes. An organization called National Enzyme Company makes this product, but it’s marketed and distributed by LivingWell Nutraceutical. Many other products LivingWell Nutraceutical has produced some of them are Rub On Relief, Super Joint Support etc.

Heal n Soothe banner

How Does Heal N Soothe Work?

Heal N Soothe is a pain medication that is more concerned with possibly eradicating pain than reducing joint degradation.

The manufacturer claims that the product minimally reduces joint inflammation by increasing the production of proteolytic enzymes and eliminating free radicals. These enzymes may work by inhibiting agents of inflammation not only in your joints but in the body at large.

With inflammation in check, the irritation of the nerves lessens, and this reduces the pain sensation is a possibility. Since it is an antioxidant, healing and soothing are responsible for removing free radicals in our bodies. This, to some extent, reduces the damage to the body’s structures, such as cartilage, tendons, synovial membranes, and joints at large and joints at large.

Our medical expert team member Meghan L Scott, BScH, BScAHN, MBBS, RD who also reviewed this article says –

  • Being a nutritionist with more than ten years of experience, I was interested to give Heal-n-Soothe a try. The outcomes genuinely impress me, I have to admit. The combination of organic ingredients, which includes potent proteolytic enzymes, has helped to lessen inflammation and relieve my joint discomfort. All day long, I feel as though I have more energy and am able to move around with more ease.

Heal-n-Soothe Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

“A potent combination of enzymes and herbs included in the natural supplement Heal-n-Soothe have been demonstrated to decrease inflammation and enhance joint health.” – Dr. Joshua Levitt, N.D.

Heal N Soothe Supplement Facts

Heal-N-Soothe Supplement Facts


Study, published in 2016, looked at the effects of bromelain on inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and found that bromelain was able to reduce the expression of inflammatory mediators[1].
Also, Sarah Brien and George Lewith senior researchers at NCBI conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study in 2004 to evaluate the efficacy of bromelain for improving joint health in individuals with knee pain. The study involved 77 participants who were randomly assigned to receive either a bromelain supplement or a placebo for 12 weeks.


A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study by NCBI used papain as an intra-articular injection to treat acute knee pain. The study found that patients receiving the papain injection experienced a significant reduction in pain compared to those who received a placebo[2].

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex

Several studies have investigated the use of citrus bioflavonoid complexes to treat joint pain. In one study, a combination of citrus bioflavonoids, including rutin, hesperidin, and quercetin, was found to reduce pain and improve joint mobility in patients with rheumatoid arthritis[3].


Rutin is a flavonoid found in many plants, particularly buckwheat and citrus fruits. It has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions, including joint pain.

Boswellia Serrata

According to the Indian J Pharm Sci study, it can treat arthritis and calm inflammation. Doctors prescribe it both orally and topically[4].

Ginger root

– Ginger has long been used to lessen arthritis-related pain and inflammation. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics may aid in reducing stiffness and joint discomfort. According to research in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, the ginger extract helps osteoarthritis patients with their knee discomfort[5].

Extract of turmeric

– The key ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has potent anti-inflammatory qualities that may lessen joint pain and stiffness. According to research in the journal Phytotherapy Research, curcumin can help individuals with rheumatoid arthritis feel less pain and swelling in their joints[6].

heal n soothe ingredients

Devil’s Claw

– In the past, people have used the herb devil’s claw to lessen arthritis-related pain and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory qualities could aid in reducing stiffness and joint discomfort. According to research in the journal Phytomedicine, devil’s claw can effectively lessen osteoarthritis sufferers’ knee discomfort[7].

Systematic Enzymatic Blend

Protease AM
An Aspergillus malleus-derived protease enzyme is known as protease AM. Protease AM has anti-inflammatory properties and may be helpful in the treatment of inflammatory illnesses, according to a study[8] that was published in the Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry.

Another protease enzyme type that comes from the Bacillus licheniformis is called protease 6.0. According to a study that was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, protease 6.0 contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that may aid to lessen oxidative stress and inflammation in the body[9].

Alkaline Protease
An enzyme called alkaline protease is developed from the bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Alkaline protease has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, which may aid in reducing inflammation and enhancing immunological function, according to a study[10] published in the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Read our Restore 3 Reviews a product which also conatins Proteolytic enzymes.

Pros and Cons Of Heal N Soothe

Heal N Soothe Pros

  • Effective pain relief.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Enhanced mobility.
  • Non-addictive pain management.

Heal N Soothe Cons

  • Not suitable for everyone.
  • Results may require time and consistency.
  • Availability and pricing variations.

Product Comparison

To help you decide, here is a brief comparison of our top picks:

Table of Content Heal N Soothe Arthrozene Move Free Advanced
Image heal n soothe arthrozene move free advanced
Rating 4.8 / 5.0 3.7 / 5.0 3.8 / 5.0
Price $49.00 $69.95 $25.54
Certification Non GMO/GMP Certified NPA Certified Not Certified
Return Policy 100% Money Back 90 Days 90 Days
Brand Name Livewell Nutracueticals Fisico Schiff Vitamins
Dosage 3 Capsule 1 Capsule 3 Tablets
Third Party Tested Yes No No
Buy On Buy Now Read More Read More

Video Review

My Heal-n-Soothe Review – Does It Work? (Video Credit: YouTube)

Heal N Soothe – FAQ’s

Q: What Are the Enzymes Ingredient in Heal N Soothe?

A. A systemic enzymatic formulation called Heal-n-Soothe is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. It includes bromelain, a naturally occurring substance derived from pineapples, and Serrazimes®, a combination of proteolytic enzymes.

Q: Is Heal and Soothe All-Natural and Healthy?

A. Heal n Soothe is a natural product, and just like all-natural medicines, it takes time for its full effects to manifest in your body.

Q: Is Heal and Soothe a Scam Product?

A. It is a dietary supplement that is meant to, in a limited sense, treat inflammation symptoms. When used as an anti-inflammation product, it performs in a varied way depending on the person and their overall health status. It includes some ingredients that may help with anti-inflammation. This product might not work exactly as advertised, but it sure does work decently.

Q:Where Can I Buy Heal and Soothe?

A. Heal and Soothe supplement is for sale on the manufacturer’s official website, Walmart, and Amazon.

Q:What are the side effects of heal and soothe?

A.The potential side effects of “Heal and Soothe” may include upset stomach, nausea, allergic reactions, increased bleeding, headache, dizziness, and interference with medications or medical conditions. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new dietary supplement and to follow the recommended dosage.

Q:What Is the Phone Number for Heal N Soothe?

A.The phone number for Heal N Soothe customer support can be found on their Official website. The phone number is 1-800-216-4908.

Q:What Are the Heal and Soothe Ingredients for Arthritis?

A.The main ingredients of Heal N Soothe include Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes, Bromelain, Turmeric, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Mojave Yucca Root, and Ginger.

Seller Info

  • Address – Healthy Back Institute Returns
    905 Carlow Dr., Unit B
    Bolingbrook, IL 60490
  • Contact – 866-843-4319

How We Researched & Rated

Here is our score, based on scientific evidence, of how likely Heal N Soothe will be effective for its claimed benefits:

  • Doctor Formulated Formula*4.8/5
  • Contains Natural Ingredients*4.7/5
  • Supports Flexibility & Mobility*4.8/5
  • Provides Overall Joint Health*4.7/5

We used the insights from our research and testing to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to this product.

Customer Reviews – Heal N soothe

A total of 8,389 people have rated Heal-n-Soothe on Amazon, and 1,277 of those people have left written reviews. Numerous users noted benefits like improved joint health overall, increased mobility and flexibility, and decreased knee pain. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these figures might alter as additional consumers rate and evaluate the product over time.

  • When I saw this Heal N soothe, I thought I’d give it a go, as it didn’t contain morphine/codeine/morphine or any of their derivatives. I was extremely pleased to find Heal N Soothe works well for joint pain, and the chronic pain I suffer that is so severe that at times it’s painful to even wear clothes was greatly relieved. ~ Margaret Richardson
  • I was skeptical about trying Heal n Soothe at first, but after a few weeks of consistent use, I can honestly say that I’m a believer. My knee pain has decreased significantly and I feel more energized overall. Plus, the customer service is top-notch – they truly care about their customers!” ~ Jason B.
  • Heal n Soothe has become a staple in my daily routine. It’s helped me manage my chronic pain without relying on prescription medication. I love that it’s all-natural and doesn’t cause any negative side effects. Highly recommend! ~ Melissa S.

Heal N Soothe – Conclusion

The product may be helpful for potential customers who are seeking to end inflammation in the joints. However, a joint care product must deal with much more than inflammation.

This product lacks critical joint care ingredients that are crucial for better joints. It is better to do a little research and compare this product with other best joint pain supplements such as Arthrozene and Relief Factor on the market.

Where To Find It?

You can buy it directly from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Bones are connected by joints, which allow us to move with ease. Joint damage can cause pain preventing you from doing the things you once loved. Many conditions lead to joint pain from aging to an untreated sports injury. A quality joint product may help repair existing tissue damage and also promote stronger joints, less susceptible to future degeneration.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective joint pain supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Rating Table

Our Top Joint Pain Relief Products


Projoint Plus

Projoint Plus
Overall rating 4.9/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Reduce Joint Pain & StiffnessReduce Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Supports Cartilage HealthSupports Cartilage Health
  • Maximizes Comfort & FlexibilityMaximizes Comfort & Flexibility
  • Quality Natural IngredientsQuality Natural Ingredients


  • Support Flexible Joints
  • Supports Cartilage Health
  • Supports Natural Joint Mobility
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, & Gluten-free


  • It can only be purchased online
  • People with seafood allergies can’t use this product
Bottom Line

ProJoint Plus supplement is worth considering based on the available information, as it ensures joint mobility levels are improved and restored. The potent ProJoint formula includes powerful proven, quality ingredients in their optimal amounts, including the powerful, backed pairing of Glucosamine & Chondroitin, and there have never been any reports of harmful side effects from customers.

Check Price

Joint N-11

Joint N-11
Overall rating 4.8/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Supports Joint FlexibilitySupports Joint Flexibility
  • Strengthens Joint MobilityStrengthens Joint Mobility
  • Doctor FormulatedDoctor Formulated
  • Purely Natural IngredientsPurely Natural Ingredients


  • Relieve Pain and Aches
  • Support Joint Health
  • Improve Joint Stiffness
  • Improve Muscle Strength


  • Only available online.
  • May react with other medications.
Bottom Line

Joint N-11 is an all-natural dietary formula that works to alleviate pain and inflammation. This cutting-edge formula delivers pure Niacinamide, which is clinically shown to help protect joint tissue.

Check Price

1MD MoveMD

1MD MoveMD
Overall rating 4.7/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Promotes Joint MobilityPromotes Joint Mobility
  • Promotes Joint FlexibilityPromotes Joint Flexibility
  • Aids Proper Joint FunctionAids Proper Joint Function
  • Lab-Tested IngredientsLab-Tested Ingredients


  • Doctor Formulated
  • Supports Joint Comfort
  • Ability To Lubricate Joints
  • Ease Joint Discomfort


  • Only available online.
Bottom Line

1MD MoveMD delivers clinically studied ingredients in one revolutionary joint health solution to help reduce joint discomfort in as few as 7 to 14 days. It uses lab-tested and proven ingredients and is suitable for both genders of all ages.

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Read All Heal N Soothe Customer Reviews

Heal-n-Soothe Reviews: The Ultimate Solution for Pain Relief
4.8 / 5.0
Heal N Soothe Reviewer Rating
Review this Product
Write a Review
Heal-n-Soothe Reviews: The Ultimate Solution for Pain Relief
  1. Noah Kent

    Heal n soothe did worked well on my joint health
    For my joint discomfort, I used Heal N Soothe, and I’m impressed. It is a natural supplement free of harmful side effects. I saw a big decrease in pain and no discomfort or bloating after a few weeks. I highly suggest it for anyone experiencing joint pain or discomfort.
  2. Vered G.

    Really Works!
    I get joint pain in my back and shoulders, which has lately been really affecting my sleep and daily functioning. I didn’t want to start with heavy pain meds, so I thought I would go the natural route. It has had a massive impact on my pain!

    I sleep more comfortably at night, and my day-to-day life is far better. Heal N Soothe is a great joint supplement.

  3. Gina Moreno

    Heal n Soothe is great!
    My sister told me about Heal n Soothe which took away her sciatica pain. I have a torn meniscus behind my knee and some arthritis in both knees. I was taking 2, sometimes 3 Aleve a day, and had to sleep/sit with a pillow under my knee. I started with the recommended 3 capsules 3 times a day for a week or so, then dropped to 3 capsules every morning. Don’t remember exactly how long it took, few weeks or months, but the pain went away, I stopped taking Aleve, no longer needed pillow under knee. Also, noticed I no longer needed to go downstairs gently with a little ‘give’ in each knee as I took each stair. That was not quite 2 years ago. Still enjoying the relief from Heal n Soothe. Once in a while if I get a little ache in my knee I up my dose to twice a day for a couple of days. Other times my knees feel so good I forget to take it. It has worked great for me and my sister. Highly recommend.
  4. J. Delaney

    Give it a try, what do you have to lose but your pain!
    When I first started using the Heal and soothe I was excited to see if this product delivered like the review suggests. I have 2 lower disc issues, so I’m always in constant discomfort. I started taking 2 capsules in the Am and 2 and hour before bed…hoping the second does would ease Am pain. The first day didn’t seem to do it, so I increased my Am dosage to 3 in the Am and 2 in the Pm. That worked! It definitely helps, I will say it deadens the pain and allows me to move and get through the day so much easier. I use it faithfully every day and notice the lower pain difference decreased. There was a delivery that lapsed so I was without it for a couple of days, I was getting nervous, so 2 days I didn’t have the Heal & Soothe, I was hurting and really felt the difference without it. It was only a couple days and it came in the mail, I was so happy! It isn’t like IBProfin and trikes your brain to think you have no pain plus IBProfin is dangerous if you constantly consume it. I find much relief in this product! Give it a try, what do you have to lose…but your pain! Thank you Heal & Soothe!
  5. Kenneth R. Barr

    Works better then I hoped for!
    `I have not felt this good for 13 years. I take 2 capsules at noon on an empty stomach and have for the last 5 days. On day 2 to day 5, all of my sciatic pain gone! This sciatic pain in my lower back was brought to my knees pain and anyone who has had it know what I am talking about. It would be so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. Last 4 days, no sciatic pain. Yes, I agree with someone else that wrote in medicine acts differently on different people. Try it you might like it or maybe like me you might love it. Get yourself some.
  6. Chris

    Livingwell Heal-n-Soothe tablets
    As I was walking around my garden yesterday, I suddenly realized that there was no pain in my feet, ankles or knees. I have been taking Heal-n-soothe for two weeks and didn’t really expect too much. I also noticed that my fingers, usually very painful and swollen, are ok too. Lately, I could barely get my wedding ring over my knuckle and had my engagement ring resized to bigger. Now they are both loosely dangling on my finger. All in all very happy with the product. I did notice some stomach pains but didn’t link them to these pills. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water by taking them. I will keep an eye on that.
  7. Catherine Kerrison

    heal n soothe for arthritis
    I’ve suffered from arthritis for a large portion of my life and had gone through all the best natural products for joint pain available online and was tolerant of all of them so I started searching for a new pain solution and came across livingwell nutraceuticals heal n soothe. I saw different customer reviews on heal soothe on Walmart, Amazon and decided to give it a try. I ordered heal n soothe free bottle from its website and just paid shipping charges. To my, surprise this product brought down my pain to a level of comfort that I haven’t felt in a long time and has opened up so many activities for me. I’m glad and I can say that its the most effective joint pain relief.
  8. Lucy Stephan

    It works but they do get you on auto ship.
    Ok, I also felt like this was a ridiculous scam sending it when I didn’t want it, etc. but I kept it and since I had it I decided to keep taking it. I started out slow because at first it kinda made my stomach a little off but I am up to three and I just ran out a week ago and I can say that this stuff works I haven’t had it in a week and a half and I am hurting everywhere this is the only thing I have changed. Plus it also helps my appetite I think the turmeric. Helps, I really thought the whole thing was ridiculous if they would just do it right they would be better off. It really is a great product.
  9. Karen Lee

    I have seen amazing results from this product
    For twenty years I have suffered from constant pain from being hit head-on by a drunk driver. I was at my wit’s end and saw the infomercial for this product. I knew it would be a long shot but I sent for the free sample. I have been taking 3 pills 3 times a day and have seen remarkable results. I have gone from a 10 on the pain scale to a 2. I am very grateful for the ingredients all packed into one pill as purchasing them all would be incredibly expensive. I encourage others to take more than one pill daily. Thank you Heal and Soothe.
  10. Virginia Alziebler

    Unexpected Side Effects
    I have only taken this product for two weeks and have had a significant reduction in pain and inflammation. And would like to report an unexpected positive side effect. I have suffered for three years with severe dry eye syndrome with no relief in sight. But I was shocked and surprised that after only two weeks I have complete relief. If it does nothing else, I will still take this product for life. Thank you for producing such a life-changing product. I am forever in your debt.
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