Relief Factor Review – Is This Product Safe To Use?

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What is Relief Factor?

Relief factor is a natural dietary supplement which helps your body to fight inflammation, and the agents causing inflammation and muscle pain.

The claims made by this manufacturer don’t have much research behind them, so we can’t confirm them.

According to the manufacturer, a team of chiropractors and doctors looking for a natural, highly potent solution to inflammation used this product in clinical practice for 15 years.

You can buy the product over the counter, and you don’t need a prescription.

It is available on the official website for around $64.95 for a monthly supply

NOTE: The price point of this product on the manufacturer’s website is too high. It’s better not to purchase there because you can find it from other suppliers at a minimal cost.

When you order from the official website, the manufacturer automatically enrolls you in the auto shipping program unless you decide to cancel.

Relief Factor
Relief Factor – Joint Support

What is the Company Behind Relief Factor?

Relief factor is a joint pain relief product that is available over the counter.

The product works because it arms the body with the necessary nutrients needed to protect itself from inflammation-causing agents.

According to the manufacturers, a team of doctors developed this product. Their main aim was to provide a natural solution to the millions of people who are forced to take NSAIDs to relieve their joint pain problems.

The company behind this product is known as Promedev, and it’s a subsidiary of Longevity Medical Clinic.

TIP: Our team has reviewed hundreds of popular supplements. You May Also Like – ProJoint Plus, a joint support and health supplement composed of all-natural ingredients.

What are the Ingredients Used in Relief Factor?

  • Icariin – Shown to support the fight against inflammation by inhibiting the agents that cause inflammation at a genetic level. Research also suggests it helps the levels of nitric oxide for better blood flow and healing[1] 
  • Resveratrol – This is a highly potent anti-oxidation chemical. It provides the body with a broader spectrum to support the normal inflammatory response and enhance the health of the blood vessels. Research suggests that it enhances the longevity enzyme activity by promoting healthy cell proliferation.
  • Omega-3 – Relief factor contains highly concentrated EPA/DHA. These are known to support the modulation of specific gene expressions associated with normal pain response and promote healing.
  • Curcumin – According to the producers, the curcumin in this product has three times the normal absorption rate compared to regular curcumin. It’s effective in readily supplying enhanced absorption and bioavailability. This gives you maximal support for healthy inflammatory balances and reduces pain using different pathways[2].
NOTE: These ingredients do not have sufficient research to corroborate their effectiveness in reducing inflammation on their own, so keep that in mind.

How Relief Factor works?

Relief factor can provide support for painful and ailing joints that result from inflammation in the joints.

The product restores the body’s ability to protect itself long after the body has stopped the production of the inflammation-fighting agents.

Relief Factor doesn’t work overnight to give you healing benefits but works long term.

You should allow at least five weeks for the product to function well because it takes time to build up in your system.

What are the Pros of Relief Factor?

  • May help your body reduce pain associated with everyday living
  • Could support healthy joints and muscles
  • Might support a healthy response to inflammation and decrease discomfort
  • It is a botanical and fish oil product

What are the Cons of Relief Factor?

  • Lacks some essential minerals and vitamins.
  • The company doesn’t offer a money back guarantee with every purchase, so this raises concern as to the efficacy of this product.

Relief Factor Dosage and Instructions

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily. You should take the product with meals and with lots of water.

NOTE: You can take it as a single serving or in two different servings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does Relief Factor work for Arthritis?

A: Relief Factor contains potent anti-inflammatory ingredients which should be quite effective at treating arthritis. There are some very positive reviews from happy customers who found this product to be very effective at treating their arthritis.

Q: Relief Factor: Where to Buy?

A: The product is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website.

Q: As a natural supplement, does it affect blood pressure. Taking no other medication

A: Omegas are generally safe at doses comparable to what is offered in ‘Relief Factor’, occasional gastrointestinal issues are possible. Always consult a healthcare professional prior to starting a new supplement.

Q: Can this Product be Used With Blood Thinners?

A: Is Relief Factor safe for someone taking Eliquis blood thinner? — A group of people who should consult a doctor before beginning this dosage is people using blood thinners. Some ingredients used in this formula can increase blood flow, resulting in unwanted interactions in the blood system. Nonetheless, make sure to consult a doctor to give you personalized advice on how to use the Relief Factor supplement.

Q: How to Cancel Relief Factor?

A: From the moment you sign up for the free trial, you have 15 days to cancel your enrollment in the auto-shipment program before they send you your first bottle and charge your credit card. $79.95 + $6.95. Contact the customer service department in order to cancel.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Why You Should Buy ProJoint Plus Instead of Relief Factor?


  • It’s relatively cheaper than the Relief Factor
  • The Ingredient quality is exceptional
  • It is safe and effective than other products

Is Relief Factor a Scam?

According to the listed ingredients, the product should have some positive effect. These are legitimate substances to include in a joint-relief product.

However, this product may be another case of a ‘free trial scam.’ Often giving a free bottle for only the shipping fees is a way to start charging you for monthly shipments. There are no specific complaints about this online for Relief Factor, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Relief Factor Review – The Conclusion

Medical experts developed Relief Factor to fight inflammation.

With so many other similar products on the market such as Omega XL, Arthrozene and Heal N Soothe, it doesn’t appear to be unique in any way.

The price tag will discourage a lot of potential buyers because we reviewed the best supplements for joints which go for half the price.

However, this product has a minimal place in joint function and pain relief. Keep in mind that these products are helpful, but the primary responsibility is ours.

We must strive to maintain a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and regimented forms of exercise, in order to keep up these results long term.

Bones are connected by joints, which allow us to move with ease. Joint damage can cause pain preventing you from doing the things you once loved. Many conditions lead to joint pain from aging to an untreated sports injury. A quality joint product may help repair existing tissue damage and also promote stronger joints, less susceptible to future degeneration.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective joint pain supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Rating Table

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Projoint Plus
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Relief Factor Review – Is This Product Safe To Use?
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Relief Factor Review – Is This Product Safe To Use?
  1. Randall Newby

    Disingenuous advertisement
    I called Relief Factor to order their trial three-week offer for $19.95 as advertised on TV. I informed them that I did not want to sign up for a monthly subscription just the three-week trial. I called twice and both times they hung up on me when I stated as such. On my third call, I repeated my request and was informed that in order to receive the trial three-week sample that I had to sign up for their monthly program in order to receive the discounted three-week sample. Proves to me they do not have much faith in their product if they require you to sign on for their monthly program in order to to get the discounted trial offer. Their poor customer service I received cautioned me regarding their cancellation and refund policy.
  2. Judy Arlene Barrie

    Relief Factor feedback
    I wasn’t going to order it cause I have ordered so many products over the years for back pain & body burning and all doctors want you to do is take more prescription drugs. So what the heck I ordered it and expecting the same results I have with everything else I have tried and was I’m amazed this worked! I’m so glad I decided to order it now it didn’t work the first week, but by the second week I woke up one morning dreading the day and I was pain-free almost didn’t even feel normal cause I haven’t been pain-free in years. I want to thank Pain Relief for giving me a chance at a normal life. I owe you my future.
  3. Nava Skolnik

    Works for me - stopped shipment and restart shipment without problems
    Relief Factor actually works for me, and yes if you want not to receive any more you email them. I bought the trial, then asked to hold any future shipment, then started taking it again. Then requested to have it send more often since my husband started taking it too.

    All communication was via email. I have been taking it for a while now. I am not complaining about back pains or joint pain. So all good. My hubby doesn’t feel any difference, but I see him complain less about aches and pain. They actually have great service.

  4. William Nowakowski

    Order cancelation Relief Factor
    Please cancel my order for the future shipping of Relief Factor it gives me diarrhea it did help the pain. Also, I can’t control my bowels. Thank you!
  5. Kath K.

    Not working for me
    The Relief Factor starter kit says to take 3 for a week, then cut down to two. If 3 doesn’t stop the pain, increase it. Took 3 packets/day for a week. No difference at all. So I upped it to 4/day, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that financially, just to see if it worked. Still no difference whatsoever. Luckily, I don’t have excruciating pain, just mild enough to want to be proactive before it gets there. When I signed up for a starter kit, I was informed they would auto-ship the first complete month’s order on 1/14. Notified me via email that they already shipped on 1/8 instead, not giving me the opportunity to cancel prior to the new shipment. Hopefully, they will keep their word and let me return it and just pay the shipping costs. We’ll see. The truth is though that I don’t feel too confident about marking it ‘refused’ to return so I am also going to call them to cancel.
  6. Marilyn

    Strange phone contact
    I tried to order Relief Factor. The phone rang several times before a lady answered with a ‘hello’. I asked about ordering a Relief Factor trial. She didn’t say anything. I said ‘hello’, she said just a minute I have to get my computer up. Sounded strange so hung up. Never again!
  7. Linda

    Sadly contains stearic acid!
    This maker should remove stearic acid! It gives many people (such as myself) mild to severe/acute gut issues! More & more supplement makers are removing stearic acid & magnesium stearate etc from their products. Get up to speed, Relief Factor!
  8. Gayle Davis

    Causes Upset Stomach
    I ordered the intro offer but could not take every day as one of the ingredients or combinations caused my stomach to be upset, so I settled for once or twice a week…still the same problem. I received my second order within 21 days; I am returning the second unopened order per their instructions but will only receive a refund for the product price less S&H. If I do not receive the correct amount, I will be contacting the BBB.
  9. Stacey Lorton

    Don't Believe the Relief Factor Hype
    I tried the product for about 6 months – wanting to give it as much of a chance as possible. It didn’t work for me. I could’ve bought the individual supplements through Amazon for much cheaper without being tied to a subscription. When I tried to cancel, they didn’t answer their phone. I could only ‘postpone’ my order for 6 months. In the meantime, I moved and forgot I had the subscription. They sent a shipment to my former address (with no prior notice) and said I couldn’t cancel the order and I could only get a refund if I shipped back the unopened package. I told them I don’t live there anymore so I don’t have access to the package to send it back. They basically told me ‘tough luck,’ so I paid $90 for supplements I can’t use. This could have all been solved with a simple email letting me know they were about to send a shipment (other subscriptions I have to do this!), but NO! They are not about customer service. They want to lock you in and make it difficult to cancel and difficult to get a refund for a product you didn’t receive. You’re much better off buying turmeric and omega-3s from Costco or Amazon. Prices are better and they’re not such a racket.
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