Whats the Best Glucosamine? – Don’t Take the Wrong Kind!

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If you’ve just now chosen to begin taking glucosamine, what took you so long? Those who suffer from arthritis have been taking glucosamine for quite some time now. It’s been shown that the best glucosamine can relieve people with osteoarthritis from their pain and help regenerate lost cartilage. Glucosamine is all over the place, in various different shapes, sizes, and dosage amounts. How does one make sense of it all? Whats the best glucosamine formula to take? In this article, we’ll try to break down the different forms, and tell you what the Best Glucosamine type to take is.

What’s the Best Glucosamine?Glucosamine is exactly what its name implies, namely glucose joined with an amino acid. It is found naturally in the body, and commercial forms of the supplement are derived from shellfish. While the best glucosamine supplements come from shellfish, not everyone can take this form. It is important to note that people with shellfish allergies should seek out the next Best Glucosamine form. Glucosamine is too unstable to sell by itself, so it is blended with a sulfate and called glucosamine sulfate. This is one of the best glucosamine forms to take.

Glucosamine sulfate is considered one of the Best Glucosamine forms to take because the absolute best glucosamine formula is one that contains both glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine HCl. These are the two forms of the supplement that contain the lightest companion molecule. This is important because there are formulas sold that join glucosamine with sodium chloride, which is also known as ordinary table salt. Formulas of glucosamine that are salt-based are not the best glucosamine forms because at least a third of the supplement is salt. More salt intake means less glucosamine intake, and that’s not a good thing, mainly because you’re paying for the glucosamine, not the salt.

When it comes to form and dosage, it’s simple. While it comes in various forms, the liquid form is the Best Glucosamine form. The liquid form doesn’t have the side effects that the tablet form and pill form do, and it’s absorbed by the body much faster. Furthermore, the body doesn’t have to break down the pill to get to the glucosamine. The next best glucosamine form would definitely be the powdered form, since that can be mixed with water to approximate the liquid form. 1,500 milligrams is the recommended Best Glucosamine dosage. It does come in 1,000 milligram supplements, but you end up having to take more glucosamine to have the same effect as 1,500 milligrams.


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