Lower Back Pain – Types of Back Lower Pain

Janice CarsonBy: Janice Carson

There are various causes of back lower pain. The most common causes are medical conditions that involve the joints and bones, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar strain, bony encroachment, and nerve irritation. When back lower pain becomes severe, the cause must be determined so it can be treated to reduce the pain level and allow you to move easier. Lumbar strain can be one of the more serious causes of back lower pain. It occurs when there are injuries to the tendons, ligaments, or muscles in the lower back. It’s also one of the most common of low back pain.

Back lower pain that is associated with lumbar strain can be caused by severe strains, misuse which could happen as the result of lifting anything too heavy or improperly, or from trauma that could be caused by an accident. If back lower pain is caused by damage to the soft tissue, it’s usually referred to as acute. When the back lower pain is persistent and lasts for a period of longer than three months, it’s referred to as chronic. Lumbar strain ordinarily occurs in people who are in their 40s, but can happen to anyone. The symptoms include pain in the lower back region.

Back lower pain from lumbar strains usually can’t be diagnosed through x-rays. Treatment for this type of back lower pain may include massage, using a heating pad to relieve the pain and discomfort, and taking pain relievers that are available over-the-counter. Doctors sometimes prescribe medications to relieve the muscle spasms. When the back lower pain has subsided somewhat, exercise to strengthen and recondition the muscles may be indicated. Moderate exercise is often recommended rather than periods of resting in bed, since the muscles need to be used to gain back strength. If there isn’t any irritation in the nerves, chiropractic manipulation of the spine may be prescribed.

How back lower pain is treated often depends on how severe the condition is and what caused it. Although back lower pain can happen to anyone, there are preventive measures to take to avoid the pain and discomfort. By keeping in good physical health and getting moderate exercise, you can prevent severe back lower pain. If you should have an injury, it’s important to see your doctor immediately so the problem can be diagnosed and the proper treatment method can be started. If you have any side effects from any medications that your doctor prescribes, make sure to tell your doctor right away.