Endometriosis Joint Pain


Endometriosis is a problem that as many as five to ten percent of women suffer from. And joint pain is one of the main symptoms of the condition.

Endometriosis Joint Pain

Endometriosis is an issue that affects the menstrual cycle and reproductive organs of the female body. It’s estimated that more than 80 million females in the world suffer from the condition, and many of them actually don’t realize that they have it. It can cause cysts to develop within the pelvis and trigger a number of other problems as well. And one of the big problems and symptoms of it is joint pain.

Endometriosis joint pain usually occurs in the hip. It usually begins mildly, but as the disease worsens it will increase in severity in a big way. Generally, the hip pain will radiate down the leg and buttock as well and will often be triggered by the disease’s impact on the sciatic nerve.

Endometriosis also creates adhesions. These adhesions may occur anywhere within the body, and happen when endometrium cells attach to other organs and body parts. When they attach to areas near the hip, they will often restrict the hip’s range of motion and restrict the ligaments within the hip. This can cause pain, limping, and more and can be very serious in nature.

Other sufferers of endometriosis complain of additional problems including joint pain throughout their body, though hip pain is the most common. There is some evidence about endometriosis joint pain elsewhere and the disease affects everyone differently, so there is no clear guideline as to what one may expect from the problem.

The biggest issue concerning endometriosis is that many sufferers don’t receive a diagnosis early and as a result the problem continues to grow until they can’t take it anymore. If you begin suffering from joint pain that you can’t explain due to an injury or overuse, especially if it is in the hip region, you owe it to yourself to visit a doctor immediately. This isn’t a condition that you can simply diagnosis over the internet, and you’ll need to get an accurate diagnosis so you know what steps you can take to combat it

While other symptoms are also present in those who suffer from endometriosis, there’s no doubt that the joint pain is one of the biggest and most easily noticeable. There are several different solutions for managing the condition and dealing with the joint pain, but the first step is getting diagnosed.