What is Chronic Joint Pain & How To Get Rid of Chronic Joint Pain?

Joint pain that won’t seem to vanish is a major issue for millions, and understanding this chronic condition is important for managing pain levels and improving overall quality of life.

It’s estimated that millions of Americans deal with chronic pain, and a huge majority of that pain is joint related. Chronic joint pain is generally considered to be pain that lasts longer than six months. It can range in intensity from minor to excruciating, and can be a constant issue or one that comes and goes periodically. No matter the severity or the rate of occurrence, there is no doubt that chronic pain is something that must be dealt with in order to improve one’s overall quality of life.

There are a few different causes of chronic joint pain that are worth a closer look. Learning more about them will help you find the right path to relief.

  • Arthritis – This is the single most common cause for joint pain that is of a chronic nature. It’s caused by a breakdown of cartilage in the joints and there is no cure for it.
  • Fibromyalgia – This condition causes widespread pain throughout the body, particularly in the muscles and joints. No specific cause has been identified, and treatment options are limited.
  • Osteoporosis – This condition affects us more as we age, and women much more than men. It’s a problem that weakens the bones significantly, though it causes joint pain much more frequently than bone pain.
  • Over-Exercise – Many people, particularly younger people, are surprised to find that their chronic pain is often caused by overuse and too much exercise. Stretching before workouts and rest periods are a must. Often, simply stepping back just a bit on the exercise will reduce chronic pain levels.
  • Obesity – Being overweight puts major strain on the joints, and it alone is enough to cause constant pain within them. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid pain.
  • Lupus – This autoimmune disease first presents itself as chronic pain in the joints. It’s a serious issue and one that needs to be managed properly, though diagnosis is often difficult due to the similarity to other problems.

These are just six of the most common causes of chronic joint pain. Your doctor will need to make the actual diagnosis as to what the root cause of your problem is, but once it’s identified you can start taking steps to overcome the problem and get the kind of relief that you need.


Contributor : Janice (Joint Health Magazine)

Janice Carson is a freelance journalist who specializes in Joint health issues and provides treatments and solutions to the sufferers. She is having medical writing experience of many years. She is contributing her work to jointhealthmagazine.com.