What are the Types of Knee Pain?


There comes a time when you must decide if the types of knee pain you feel are something you can live with or if it is something that requires medical attention. Knee pain comes in many different forms, including manageable pain and pain that is symbolic of a bigger medical condition. Most doctors look at the different types of knee pain before issuing a diagnosis. You might suffer from two different types of knee pain caused by a medical condition.

Types of Knee PainThe first thing to look at when examining the different Types of Knee Pain is the level of pain that you feel. Base your pain on a scale of one to ten with ten being the worst pain you could ever imagine. Then, look at how the types of knee pain differ throughout the day. You might find that you experience more pain after sitting, standing or walking. Place a number on the amount of pain you feel after going through normal activities. This helps your doctor eliminate some types of knee pain to determine the exact cause of your condition.

One of the more common types of knee pain is osteoarthritis or another form of arthritis. If you have an arthritis problem, you should notice some swelling associated with the pain. Knee pain can also occur because of tendonitis. Tendonitis typically affects those who overuse their knees. This can happen because you exercise suddenly after taking a few months off or because you spend more time using your knees than you usually do. Tendonitis is one of the more common types of knee pain. Another of the common types of knee pain is a ruptured tendon, which also occurs because of overuse.

Doctors also view torn cartilage as one of the Types of Knee Pain. Cartilage is a thin layer of tissue that covers the joints of the knee. You can tear your cartilage through normal use of your knee. When you notice that you have one of the common types of knee pain and the pain worsens, see your doctor. Some medical conditions that cause knee pain do not go away without medical treatment. You might find that your types of knee pain require surgical intervention. Your doctor can examine your knee, perform the necessary tests, eliminate potential sources of the pain and discover the cause of your pain. Only then can the doctor properly diagnosis and treat your knee pain.