How Can Soft Drinks Worsen Your Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain?

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

Degenerative arthritis can cause severe pain in the joints, and there’s a close link between sugary sodas and its development.

Also known as degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis is one of the most common issues in the world. And studies have recently found that soft drinks can worsen the condition and cause increased joint pain. This is especially true among men, though men and women alike should take a long look at just how this problem can affect them and whether or not they’re drinking too many sodas.

How Can Soft Drinks Worsen Your Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain?

First, it’s worth looking at just what the arthritis itself is. Basically, this form of arthritis is caused by a loss of joint space. This refers to the space between the bones that meet in the joint. Usually, cartilage forms a kind of cushion between the bones. But in degenerative arthritis, the cartilage degenerates and leaves a smaller space.

Now consider that a recent study found that men who drank five soft drinks per week suffered from double the loss of joint space compared to men who didn’t drink them at all. And it’s not just in guys who are overweight, either. The study also found that the link between joint pain and soda consumption was the strongest in men who were thin, not fat.

Of course, that’s another way that these drinks can impact your arthritis. It’s no secret that sugary sodas make you gain weight. And one extra pound of weight equals four pounds of increased pressure on the joints. That means that losing weight is a must for good joint health, and those drinks certainly aren’t helping you.

It’s important to note that diet drinks aren’t going to help, either. Despite what most soda manufacturers want you to believe, those diet versions of their drinks are just as hazardous to your health as other options and may actually be even more dangerous.

Simply put, drinking soda on a regular basis can have a serious impact on your body’s ability to maintain good joint health. Those suffering from osteoarthritis and joint pain need to take the time to cut these drinks out of their day. The results will be decreased joint pain, better prevention of the development of their arthritis, and much more. Switching to a healthy drink will have numerous other health impacts as well including things like better heart health, reduced cancer risk, and weight loss. But it will also help you manage your pain within your joints.