Arthritis in Hands – Why You Should be Concerned?


Arthritis in hands is something that people can help slow the progress of long before it even becomes a problem. There is an old wives tale that you will develop arthritis in hands if you crack your knuckles. There is some truth to that rumor, which means that you may want to stop cracking your knuckles so much. But there are other reasons why you should take arthritis in hands very seriously and consult a doctor immediately to discuss your options before the condition gets too advanced. You may not be able to cure the arthritis, but you can manage it for a very long time.

Arthritis in Hands

Think about your morning routine and how you take care of yourself to see how devastating arthritis in hands can be. You would have a hard time buttoning your shirt in the morning, or putting on your clothes in general. Arthritis in hands means that you would have a difficult time doing simple things like holding a coffee cup or making toast. If you have arthritis in hands, you would have a very difficult time caring for yourself. You would find that taking a shower, brushing your teeth or cleaning up after using the bathroom would all be extremely difficult.

Your other daily routines would be ruined by arthritis in hands as well. Think about your job and all of the tasks you do with your hands every day. With arthritis in hands you would have a difficult time typing into a computer or writing with a pen. Even something as simple as dialing a phone would be difficult with arthritis in hands. If you drive anything for your job, you will find that having your hands clenched around a steering wheel or using a clutch would be painful. Arthritis would have an adverse effect on how you make your living.

Talk to your doctor if you feel you are having the first symptoms of arthritis in hands. If your hands or finger joints feel tight for no reason, or if there is shooting pain each time you move a finger, then you could be dealing with arthritis in hand. Your doctor has a lot of options for helping you deal with arthritis in hand and he can help you find the things that can slow its progress and allow you to continue to live your life and accomplish the things that you need to accomplish at home and at work.