Lower Back Pain Relief – What is Good for Lower Back Pain?


Lower back pain is a common affliction, with millions each year visiting physicians for relief. Not only will they seek relief, they will want a diagnosis.

It is not always easy to diagnose lower back pain. Many body structures can cause it. There are muscles, ligaments, and tendons; spinal column bones; joints, discs, and nerves. in addition to these structures, there may be underlying medical conditions your physician needs to evaluate.

“What is the cause of lower back pain?” has got to be the most common question I have heard as a treating physician over the past 20+ years. Simple enough question, problem is there is no easy answer.

The cause of lower back pain or LBP cannot be confined to one condition. There are multiple causes of lower back pain. Some are simple and self-limited back strains, while others are serious conditions like disc herniations involving neurologic damage that require immediate, specialized treatment.

Here is a Brief overview of the 10 Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain:

Herniated/Bulging Disc

The cushions between the spinal bones may become weakened due to physical injury or because of degenerative disc disease. The weakened outer disc layers allow the disc to bulge outward sometimes contacting nearby spinal nerves causing leg pain or sciatica.

if the outer layers suffer enough damage the inner gel-like substance of the disc, called the nucleus, may protrude outward and irritate nerves. A presumptive diagnosis can be made off of physical examination, but an accurate diagnosis as to this cause of lower back pain can only be obtained through an MRI or CT scan.


Pain that travels down the buttocks, posterior thigh, lower leg and into the foot is called sciatica. it is named after the large Sciatic nerve that originates from branches in the lower back to supply the lower extremity.

Sciatica is graded by how far down the leg the pain travels. Sciatica can be caused by many conditions such as subluxation, tight buttocks muscles, strains, disc disease, bulging or herniation, stenosis or tumors. An accurate diagnosis is made from a physical examination and an MRI or CT scan of the lumbar spine.

Low Back Pain Info


The main opening running the length of the spine that the spinal cord is housed in is called the central or spinal canal. Normally, there is plenty of room for the spinal cord and other structures to fit inside this opening.

Arthritis of the spinal joints can cause the joints to enlarge and push inward reducing the size of the canal. Similarly, a bulging disc may also crowd the space causing stenosis or narrowing.

Pressure on the cord and nerves results in back and/or leg pain often aggravated by standing and walking and relieved by sitting. This is a common cause of lower back pain among the elderly.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Pressure on the lowest nerves of the lower back and tailbone area results in loss of bowel and/or bladder control. Symptoms may also cause loss of sensation around the anus. if you experience any of these symptoms, it is urgent that you have an examination and MRI immediately at a hospital.

These symptoms are beyond the scope of a chiropractor, family medical doctor or orthopedist. A neurosurgical evaluation is recommended. This condition can be caused by a severe disc herniation, stenosis or a tumor.


Both benign and malignant tumors occur in the spine and can cause lower back and leg pain. They may present themselves as pain in the back or may cause pain to radiate down the leg (sciatica) because of its proximity to a nerve. Most tumors can be seen on x-ray and other imaging such as MRI and CT scan.

The initial diagnosis may come from complaints of back pain that cannot be reproduced on physical exam by your doctor. Mechanical pain due to strains, disc problems and so forth can be mechanically irritated or provoked. Back pain from organic disease such as a tumor often times cannot be provoked or worsened by mechanical procedures.

A history of unexpected weight loss, fatigue, anemia or pain that awakens you at night in conjunction with a normal psychical exam is very suspicious.

How Can You Eliminate Your Lower Back Pain?

Hip Flexors

Release Tension in your Hip Flexors

The hip flexor muscles maintain the curve of your lower back. These curves act as a shock absorber. if the curves disappear then your low back has less protection and is an accident waiting to happen. Maintain a relaxed hip flexor group and two things happen.

The curves are maintained in your lower spine. Secondly, your abdominal muscle group maintains it strength better.

Improve The Strength Of Your Abdominals

The abdominal muscles work together with your hip flexors to maintain the curves of the lower back. The abdominals also help with strength. So that when you lift your lower back is protected.

To increase the strength of the abdominals you need to improve their nerve and blood supply first and then exercise them.

Exercise does not mean spending hours in a gym or doing endless sit-ups. Exercise only takes about 2 minutes 3 times a day to get more strength than you need in your abdominal muscles.

Balance The Pelvis

The pelvis is the foundation of your spine. if balanced then all the joints in the spine will work better. Not just your lower back, but your entire spine.

The pelvis is a neglected area by most practitioners, why? Because it removes lower back pain quickly and permanently. it is also an area that is simply maintained, hence preventing lower back pain also.

Three simple steps to remove your lower back pain. Three simple ways to remove your lower back pain permanently. Three simple ways to maintain a pain-free lower back. Add in some general health and stress relief techniques and you can be free of lower back pain and all back pain.

Solutions For Chronic Pain

Solution For Chronic Pain
Chronic pain comes in many forms but the one thing that all types of chronic pain have in common is that people who have it have been suffering for more than six months. Their search for pain relief may be a result of chronic arthritis or fibromyalgia.

it could even be from constant migraine headaches, neck and back pain or sports injuries. Some people find themselves suffering as a result of allergies, gastrointestinal discomfort, diabetic neuropathy or dental pains.

Suffering from chronic pain is a common issue faced by most[3] of the middle-aged and aged population. if a pain has originated within you, then the solution should also come from within you. in other words, the right remedy for chronic pain is your willingness to get rid of it at any cost.

When faced with a pain everyone approaches medical aid but only a few of them succeed in deriving complete and timely relief. The reason is quite straightforward. Chronic pains are quite stubborn in nature and in the majority of the cases they can only be kept under control but not eliminated completely.

Different branches of medicine have different effects on people. And this affects again varies from person to person depending on their genetic responses, lifestyle, attitude, food, overall health, age, climatic conditions, emotional state etc.

So coming up with a definitive cure-all answer is not possible. Even the doctors can be inadvertently misleading you in this kind of situations. it is ultimately up to you to find out what is more acceptable to your body and what is best for your cell metabolism so that it repairs itself to heal the pain.

If your chronic pain is related to joints and bones, then ‘Alternative therapies’ can certainly bring a lot of difference. However, you should have some patience because of alternative medicine for orthopedic illnesses takes time to bring a result.

Apart from patience, you should have a faith in whatever you are doing. if you are accepting a treatment it should be done willfully and you should follow all the instructions without fail. This would definitely bring positive results sooner rather than later.

There are many holistic treatment sciences that engage in a diverse form of the medicinal regimen. They use a wide variety of treatment modalities derived from ancient traditional sciences like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Unani, Naturopathy, Anthroposophy, Homeopathy, Herbalism etc. These methods may include a combination of massage treatments and herbal therapies.

Many people ignore the role of alternative medicine in today’s contemporary medicinal age. This is primarily because they don’t have faith in trying something unconventional. it could also be due to lack of patience, time or the reluctance to experience something new.

Some people even feel that alternative treatment may not show the desired effect when consumed in combination with modern medicines. This is a wrong notion that many of us harbor in our minds.

Alternative medicines are natural treatment techniques and they work from the core level rather than causing superficial changes.

Any sort of natural treatment is a sincere effort in improving the overall health of a patient and thereby making the body strong enough to fight the diseases born and growing within it. However, if you are already undergoing treatment for any ailment or chronic pain, you can certainly consult your physician before taking any kind of Alternative medication.

You can adopt any remedy you feel right for your chronic pain, but you should realize that it takes your own effort and willpower to ward off a disease from within you.

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As you can see there are many causes of lower back pain ranging from simple non-threatening conditions to very serious and lethal diseases. Once the proper diagnosis is made, appropriate lower back pain treatment can be rendered.

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