Knee Arthritis Treatment – Help for the Ball and Socket


Knee arthritis usually strikes people age 50 and older. The knee contains the weight bearing ball and socket joint. Knee arthritis treatment is applied directly to this joint. An enclosed sac of synovial fluid normally encases the cartilage at the end of a bone. Arthritis of the knee can occur because of genetics, injury to the knee, or tears to the tendons and ligaments. When any of these happen, the cartilage may become rough or the lubricant may become thin. Stiffness, pain, and swelling are also common in this type of arthritis. Knee Arthritis Treatment will be needed as a result. Your knee arthritis treatment should begin with a physical examination and x-rays.

Knee Arthritis TreatmentKnowing the symptoms of knee arthritis is helpful when diagnosing Knee Arthritis Treatment. Pain with daily activities and noticing an unusual decrease in range of motion is frequent. Stiffness, swelling or tenderness in the knee joint is also common. A feeling like your knee joint is going to collapse is also reported among those with knee arthritis. Symptoms normally get worse with time; however the progression of symptoms is not always steady. Patients report good days or bad days in knee arthritis treatment. Many times the weather can affect the sufferers injured joint. The sooner you implement knee arthritis treatments, the better.

There are many Knee Arthritis Treatment available. One of the most important factors in this disease is weight. Weight loss or gain has a direct affect upon the ball and socket joint of the knee. Omitting or decreasing certain activities may be necessary. Using a cane or crutch in knee arthritis treatment is helpful. Muscles around the knee can be strengthened to help alleviate direct pressure to the joint. Nonprescription and prescription medicines can provide relief from pain and inflammation. Some patients opt for cortisone injections in knee arthritis treatment.

Exactly what helps one person in Knee Arthritis Treatment may not help another. Many knee arthritis treatments are debatable. It seems that specific symptoms respond to specific treatments. For example, what alleviates pain may not help with swelling. There are many natural remedies for knee arthritis treatment. As a last resort, knee replacement surgery can be used. This procedure can be a partial or total replacement of the knee joint. In this operation, the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint are replaced to relieve pain and disability. Damaged cartilage is removed and an implant made from metal and plastic is inserted in the knee. This is only an option when all other sources of Knee Arthritis Treatment have been exhausted.