What are the Causes of Severe Ankle Joint Pain?

Severe ankle joint pain is not just a condition suffered by elders but most of the time, experienced by athletes like runners and tennis players because of the amount of pressure and stress that is given to their ankles.

Let us discuss the 2 major causes of severe ankle joint pain.

Ankle sprain and Fractures

    • Sprain and fractures are the most common conditions resulting to severe ankle pain. Sprains are damage to ligaments of the ankle. It is caused by tears in the tissues and usually happens because of a sudden twist of ankle. Fractures happen when tissues are damaged because of stress. Both sprains and fractures can be caused by accident in sport activities or strenuous activities.


    • This also happens during cold seasons like winter.


    • Common symptoms are severe pain or inflammation


    • Sometimes Deformity of the ankle especially if too much weight is applied to it and the muscles and tissues can no longer bear weight.


  • Simple remedies for these conditions are ice treatment and complete rest. Physical therapy programs are also available and are advised by doctors for fast cure. Some pain medications are also available and prescribed by doctors. Some may be prescribed to use braces and wraps. But for severe cases, surgery and casting are the most common options.


    • This is also called tendonitis or inflammation of tendons or bands that connect tissue to the bones. The main reasons of Tendonitis are overuse of ankles and overload. Overuse happens because of repetitive activities and overload happens when too much weight and pressure is applied.


    • Usual symptoms of tendonitis are burning feeling, tingling or sometimes numbness around the ankle area.


    • This can be prevented by wearing well-fitted shoes, by avoiding strenuous exercises and activities, giving too much pressure and weight in the foot. Avoiding running or walking in uneven surfaces can also help. Likewise, evading performing exercises with difficult techniques. As much as possible, avoid sports that may aggravate the condition like running and tennis.


  • This is usually treated by cold compress or ice treatment. However, severe cases may require casting or braces.


Doctors may also advice injectable

Do not self-medicate as much as possible or take medication for pain without doctor’s prescription. It may not be able to help or even aggravate your condition. It is still better to discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor’s advice may depend on his/her diagnosis. Surgery may be necessary for some cases. This kind of surgery should be done in a reputable clinics or hospitals.

Lastly, it is important to know that severe ankle pain cannot be healed in a short period of time. Treatments may take several months to years. Healing process should not be rushed. Healing will take time.


Contributor : Janice (Joint Health Magazine)

Janice Carson is a freelance journalist who specializes in Joint health issues and provides treatments and solutions to the sufferers. She is having medical writing experience of many years. She is contributing her work to jointhealthmagazine.com.