4 Everyday Activities That Are Giving You Joint Pain


Stiff joints and joint pain are a normal part of life. As we get older, we will eventually experience these problems. However, there are ways we can delay its occurrence or minimize the pain level. The first step is determining daily activities that cause joint pain.

Usually, people don’t associate these activities with the joint pain that they experience.

Lifting – Wrong Body Mechanics

Daily Activities that Cause Joint Pain

Proper body mechanics is important when it comes to minimizing stress on your joints and preventing joint pain.

It is all about efficiency. For example, when lifting heavy objects you need to avoid straining your lower back but instead lift the object with the help of your legs muscles.

Sitting – Wrong Posture

Posture is also very important especially when you have to sit still for prolonged periods such as when your work involves sitting in front of a computer several hours a day. Make sure to support your back and feet. Your forearms must also be well supported and your upper legs should be on a resting level with the floor.

Sitting still for prolonged periods is one of the common daily activities that cause joint pain. Stretch regularly and be conscious of your sitting posture to prevent joint pain.

Walking and Exercise – Physical Overexertion

Although exercise can be very helpful in avoiding joint stiffness and preventing joint pain, over exercising can lead to the opposite result. For example, running for prolonged periods can damage the joints in the knees and ankles causing joint pain that can last a few days. This is also the case when it comes to overexerting your joints and muscles in other physical activities like walking and playing sports.

Rest is very important to avoid overusing joints which result to joint pain. If joint pain is experienced, it is best to apply cold compress to reduce inflammation. If the pain is unbearable or persists longer than usual, it is best to see your doctor.

Writing, Driving and Doing Handy work – Joint Stiffness

Most of us love DIY stuff but doing this without supporting the joints may cause terrible joint pain. It’s important not to give your joints the chance to become stiff by constantly moving them. Release your grip every 10 minutes or when your hands and fingers feel tired. This goes for writing and long-drive trips. Take a break, perhaps every two hours so you can get out of the car, walk a bit and stretch. When travelling, you may choose aisle seats so you can easily stand up, stretch or shift your legs.


Many of us ignore the fact that simple daily activities can cause joint pain. So to spare yourself from a stressful day or a bad night, take care of your joints.

Now if you are experiencing stiff and sore joints due to an unavoidable cause, just keep your movements gentle and slow to prevent further damage in the joints.