Mustard Plaster – Arthritis Back Pain Relief


You might not think a common hot dog condiment would make for good arthritis back pain relief, but it’s true. While pouring hot dog mustard down your back to get relief is not recommended, using mustard seeds as part of a poultice is a natural arthritis back pain relief remedy. Mustard plaster, as it is known, consists of ground white or brown mustard seeds, flour, and either vinegar or water. The poultice provides arthritis back pain relief, as well as relief for other joints affected by arthritis. It also works well for muscle pain associated with arthritis.

Arthritis Back Pain ReliefThe active ingredient in mustard seeds which helps provide arthritis back pain relief as well as other arthritic joint pain is allyl-isthyocyanate. It is a counterirritant, meaning that when applied to an inflamed area it causes blood vessels to dilate, thus increasing blood flow to the affected area so that toxins can be more readily removed. For arthritis back pain relief, this means increased blood flow to the affected area so that pain relievers, weather topic or oral, pharmaceutical or herbal, can be more readily absorbed. Mustard poultices have been reported for centuries as having pain relieving qualities often sought by patients looking for arthritis back pain relief, knee pain relief, or relief of other arthritic pain.

Much has been written over the centuries regarding mustard plaster. If it is a patient’s intent to use a mustard plaster for arthritis back pain relief, there are some warnings and concerns about which the patient should know. Applying mustard plaster directly to the skin can cause blistering, thus negating the arthritis back pain relief for which the poultice is intended. With that in mind, to get the most effective results for arthritis back pain relief, it is important to learn proper mixing and application recommendations.

First, for the most effective arthritis back pain relief from mustard plaster, the mustard seeds must be mixed with a liquid to activate the counterirritant compounds. However, to prevent blisters or burning while seeking arthritis back pain relief, mixing the ground mustard seeds or mustard powder with flour helps to partially neutralize the burn. It has been said that using pure egg whites rather than water will prevent burns when using mustard plaster for arthritis back pain relief. Mix mustard seed, flour, and egg white to make a paste, and then spread between two layers of light cloth such as muslin. Apply muslin patch for 15 minutes, then remove and wash skin with cool water to prevent burns.