Why Do I Have Joint Pain After Exercise?


If you experience post-exercise joint pain on a regular basis, you are just one among millions throughout the world who suffer from this kind of pain. Both young and old can experience this pain although it often is experienced by people ages 40 and above. Regardless of the intensity or the type of exercise you have performed, the pain can be mild, moderate or severe. Often times in older people, arthritis can be identified as the culprit for post-exercise joint pain. For younger individuals certain medications can cause joint pain and doctors who have prescribed these medications will almost always not acknowledge this.

Statin Drugs

What Causes Joint Pain after Exercise

One of the drugs that can often cause joint pain are statin drugs. Although some of these do not properly label joint pain as one of the side effects, statin drugs often cause joint discomfort. Thousands of people in the United States have immediately reported jointexperiencing joint pain when they took statins as prescribed by their doctors to help lower their cholesterol level among others.

Many of these patients start feeling joint discomfort after exercise and the pain begins to erupt regularly many times a day prompting these individuals to seek pain killing medications as well. Since statins are often taken by older people to reduce their cholesterol level, older people tend to experience this pain the most and the joint pain is often misdiagnosed by doctors as arthritis.


However, this does not mean that arthritis does not play a huge role in joint pain. This disorder is in fact the biggest cause of joint pain in the world. It can be safe to wager that if one has not incurred any injuries and are not into any prescription medications, then his/her joint pain is caused by arthritis.

If unaddressed for a long time, arthritis can greatly cause severe pain all over the body. It takes away thegood quality of life you have enjoyed in the past. If you experience any kind of persistent joint pain, you need to see a doctor immediately and have it properly diagnosed. If you are diagnosed with arthritis, the doctor will recommend prescription drugs to help lessen the painful symptoms.

Remedies for Joint Pain

However, with the internet and the way many people perceive medications, a lot of them would try to avoid these drugs whenever possible,especially if they were told or had discovered natural alternative remedies for their arthritis pain. There are all-natural supplements that can help mitigate arthritis pain. Along with these natural remedies some light exercises can also be good to help lessen your arthritis symptoms.

People react differently to all sorts of arthritis remedies. Some may find medications as the most effective for their pain while others will swear certain natural remedies are the best treatment for their arthritis. People will need to try out both natural and synthetic remedies and choose what addresses their pain best.