Natural Joint Relief Foods


Natural joint relief is achievable from a vast number of sources, from herbal supplements to exercise, even from sources you might not expect. In fact, several natural joint relief options can be found in virtually any home in America, right in your very own kitchen. Ordinary foods such as garlic, celery, and pineapples offer natural joint relief without the need for any additional supplements. In fact, trainers often recommend pineapple to athletes who want to build strong joints or speed joint recovery after an injury. Superfoods like garlic not only offer Natural Joint Relief , but other health benefits such as boosting immunity.

Natural Joint ReliefCelery has been recommended for natural joint relief for many years. Eating celery seeds provides anti-inflammatory and pain relieving compounds, as does eating raw celery on a regular basis. A lunch consisting of celery sticks, a dish made with whole garlic, and sliced pineapple for dessert provides a wealth of natural joint relief with no pills, no smelly ointments, and no doctor visits. There are additional foods, sometimes dubbed superfoods that have Natural joint relief qualities, many of these are probably already in your kitchen. You probably need look no further than your spice rack.

Spices such as red pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, rosemary, and sesame seeds all have potential for natural joint relief. Red pepper and cayenne pepper both contain capsaicin, a compound now used in many arthritis pain creams. As a natural joint relief compound, capsaicin has been proven to reduce painful swelling and relieve mild to moderate joint pain. Garlic and oregano both contain powerful antioxidant qualities which provide protection from free radicals, as well as providing anti-inflammation compounds essential for natural joint relief. Rosemary tea has been recommended throughout American history as a Natural Joint relief compound. Sesame seeds have been recommended by Chinese herbalists since antiquity because the copper and magnesium help stave off inflammation.

Natural joint relief is as close as your kitchen cabinets and spice rack. These natural joint relief foods and spices have natural ingredients the body needs to function properly and defend itself against inflammation, infection, poor immune system response, and many other contributing factors of chronic joint pain. Natural joint relief through both dietary choices and dietary supplements can greatly reduce the dependency on medications and other chemical compounds. When those natural joint relief remedies are readily available in your kitchen, there really is no excuse not to take full advantage of their beneficial properties.