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Do you have a passion for health and wellness especially joint health? Do you have any brilliant ideas on joint health? Are you interested in sharing your ideas with a wider audience? If this is so, you are definitely what we might be in search of. We are in search of creative and highly innovative content writers with the ability to interact, have fun, entertain and offer informative and factual information regarding joint health with their audiences.

Writer Traits and Qualities

  • Highly informed and writes highly detailed articles based on joint pain, joint treatment options, tips for maintaining joint health and much more.
  • Any tricks, hacks or tips regarding joint health as a subject for use
  • Informational guides, reviews and in depth comparative analysis on individual health and wellness tips
  • Any guidelines and tips of essential recipes, food diets and choices, ingredients and overall quality and quantity of healthy foods fundamental for joint health
  • Joint fitness designer workouts that will ensure clients reach or achieve their desired goals and final outcomes
  • Trending features, and news on joint health.

Why Partner With Us

Our site is one of the best information pools when it comes to joint health. We are committed to bringing unique, innovative and high quality joint health information.

The site commands a steady/ consistent flow of online traffic which offers you the opportunity to grow and expand your boundaries. In addition, we have an influence when it comes to joint health subjects and topics. Publishing your informative article piece with us offers you the same advantages; larger audience, increased traffic flow and better access to social media among others.

Content Guidelines/ Instructions

Articles that you submit for publication should strictly adhere to the following guidelines;

  • Original Content or Work – Content should be 100 % authentic or original. Plagiarism or copy and paste from the internet is not tolerated. Remember, we always check for plagiarism when going through your article even before it arrives at the editor’s desk for publishing.
  • Unique Content – Your content has to be unique and interesting. It must not appear in any other site, magazine, books or even websites.
  • Creative – Individual creativity determines the quality, uniqueness and authenticity of content developed. It is one of the ways to attract traffic and readers to your blog. Let the written work attract and grab attention on its own by engaging and maintaining their interests.
  • Edited and Proofread Content – All your work should be edited and proofread before submission. This allows you to remove any grammar, spelling and other common mistakes. Ensure that the information is highly presentable. Separate information with headings or subheadings, titles, flow of thoughts etc. however, the format submitted should be either in Google docs or word document.
  • Word Count – This is limited to 1000 to 5000 words that is inclusive of all alphabets, symbols and even numbers. These only require to be interesting, clear and comprehensive in nature.
  • Advert Free – The submitted content should be bias free, not have any advertisement feature, endorsements for different products or self-praise.
  • Reader Centric – Focus the article content on assisting and empowering your readers. Once your credibility, integrity of information offered is out there, you are then recognized as a verifiable source of information.
  • Offer References – Any referenced information especially from another site, article or content has to be properly cited/ referenced. Our aim is to provide authentic and quality information to our readers. Therefore, create a reference section for cited information at the end of the article.
  • Backlinks – You are allowed to include two backlinks on the author bio that directly lead to your site. However, to their discretion, these are subject to review by our team of editors which means that they can either be removed or changed before the article is published.

Tips for Creating Interesting, Engaging and Entertaining Article Content

  • Practice Creativity – This involves making your content unique and stand out on its own. You can do this by placing yourself into the readers’ shoes. Discover and learn what they are most interested in and what makes them eager. Let your content provide a unique and a totally different but engaging perspective.
  • Induce Some Intrigue and Amazement – Keeping the “WAOH!” factor alive and in your work is probably the hardest part. It is not enough to allow your readers to just read the content. It is paramount that you keep them continuously engaged. To do this, you induce intrigue, amazement and appeal to their curious, inquisitive and develop their ideas into tangible facts. Challenge your readers’ perceptions on different elements and be assured, you will retain them.
  • Be Precise or Concise – Elaborating your point is fundamental to your course, content and of course to the reader as well. However, if it can be done in three short sentences and be to the point, clear and easily understood. There is no need to waste space offering more information on the subject if it’s already done in the first three.
  • Provide a Presentable Display – Mistakes in your content makes it not only difficult to understand, but also boring to read. Remember, people are visual and attracted to what they see. Format and edit your work accordingly.
    • Keep your article content precise and comprehensive as possible
    • Avoid the use of unnecessary slang
    • Make use of numbering and bullet points
    • Exclamation marks should be minimally indulged in.

Still Confused? Don’t worry we are here to help you!

Here are some examples of articles which will give you an idea and resolve all your queries regarding how to write and make better a content.

Author Bio

Knowing the source of provided information is essential for our readers. It is fundamental that you provide an idea of you as a professional as it is important to maintain credibility and integrity of information provided. Therefore, here are some guidelines for developing your biography for our site.

  • Word Count - You are limited to 200 to 250 words explanation of who you are as an individual and your profession. If possible, please include images, videos or a link that will offer more in depth information about you such as social media links.
  • Head Shot - This is essential as it will represent your content and become your professional profile picture on the site. Ensure you attach it at the bottom of your article content before submitting it.
  • Images - You can send us other professional or action related images and photographs. This promotes the visual attractiveness of any content provided.

Guidelines For Submitting Images

To submit any graphs, images, infographics among others in your content, ensure that they strictly adhere to the following guidelines
  • Image Size - Provide original full sized images if available. If not, ensure that they are 726 by 400 pixels
  • Formats - Images that qualify for submission should be PNG, JPEG or JPG.
  • Authenticity - Only original images should be used. Ensure that you have the right to use the images. The site may ask for proof of license to use the images.

Personal videos, images and pictures can also be added. In fact, you are encouraged to add them in order to explain or offer much more detailed information in regards to a certain content topic or subject. However, their use is reserved at the discretion of our site editors. Ensure that you attach the original high resolution images if you intend to use pictures in your content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is it going to take for the site to review my article content and offer a feedback?

We request that you wait for a week or two. If the content submitted has passed our standards and adhered to all the set guidelines, then you will be notified and informed in regards to the date that the article will be published.

Am I going to get paid for selected and published articles?

If you continuously and consistently provide quality work, you might be given the opportunity to work with our content team. Only then can you receive any form of monetary payments.

Do you have a specific limit in regards to how many submissions an individual can make?

We do not have a limit to the articles sent to use by potential writers. Imagine sending us 20 or so articles and have them all published? The exposure is out of this world.

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