PainBloc24 Review – Is PainBloc24 Product Safe To Use?

PainBloc24 is a topical cream designed for people who are experiencing regular joint pain and facing joint swelling and arthritis. Read more about this cream.
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What is PainBloc24?

Only those suffering from arthritis know how their pain can be burdening for everyday activities. The problem with most supplements is that they are either not effective enough or only provide relief for a short while.

PainBloc24 is a topical solution that claims to offer joint pain relief around the clock and we are not set to check that claim and analyze all other product specifications.

PainBloc24 is a topical cream designed for those that experience recurring joint pain caused by arthritis and other medical conditions.

The supplement aims to provide immediate 24-hour relief to the painful area by utilizing an analgesic called capsaicin, which is derived from chilli peppers. The product is available over the counter in the form of a topical cream.

The manufacturer claims that the supplement includes the highest concentration of capsaicin that is recommended to be used. Although it provides short-term relief, if you use it on a regular basis, the manufacturer claims that you can be pain-free for days or months.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The product is odour free and doesn’t have to be used only for joint pain as it may also be effective for muscle strains, backaches, bruises or sprains.

Editor’s Rating
3.6 / 5.0
PainBloc24 Reviewer Rating


PainBloc24 is a topical cream designed for those that experience recurring joint pain caused by arthritis and other medical conditions.

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  • Form:Roll-on
  • Brand:Vizuri Health Sciences
  • UnitCount:0.5 fl oz
  • Product Name:Painbloc24
  • Contact:801 W Baltimore Street Ste 515, Baltimore, MD 21201, US
  • Ingredients:Capsaicin 0.25%, Alcohol, Hyaluronate Sodium, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Water, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether

Manufacturer Information About PainBloc24

The manufacturer of PainBloc24 is a company called Vizuri Health Sciences. It was founded by a chemist that used to work for NASA in 2009. The mission of the company is to utilize the potency of natural ingredients to help customers live longer and healthier by preventing and reducing many age-related issues.

The company manufactures both prescription and over-the-counter products and focuses on musculoskeletal pain, oral and dermal health.

How Does PainBloc24 Work?

Everything starts by applying PainBloc24 to the desired area. Make sure to apply it everywhere where you feel pain, but avoid contact with sensitive areas (eyes, nose, wounds, etc.).

Since you apply the product directly to the affected area the ingredients start penetrating immediately and trying to help to provide pain relief. The crucial component of the supplement is capsaicin.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This is a natural analgesic that aims to relieve you of pain by heating up the affected area. The manufacturer complains that the concentration of capsaicin is high, which is why only a small amount of PainBloc24 may be enough for the desired effect.

The potential beneficial effect may be experienced for up to 24 hours. The product doesn’t aim to provide any long-term support for joint health.

PainBloc24 Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

The formula of PainBloc24 is divided across active and inactive ingredients and here is the entire list:

    Capsaicin 0.25%

    The compound is derived from hot chili peppers and it may have analgesic properties when applied topically[1]. Considering that it is an analgesic, it might help to reduce joint pain related to arthritis. This is the only active ingredient in the formula of PainBloc24. Also, we have discussed about this ingredient in our soothanol x2 review.


    An inactive ingredient that aims to help in keeping the components together

    Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether

    This is an often used solvent also known as cellosolve

    Hyaluronate Sodium

    According to Research, This compound is similar to the one that is located around your joints. It can help to lubricate them and assist in absorbing shock[2]

    Polysorbate 80

    An emulsifier that has preserving properties

    Propylene Glycol

    An organic alcohol compound that helps the product to remain homogenous. See our article on whether alcohol affects arthritis or not.


    It is used as a solvent and it is often a part of topical creams and supplements

Pros and Cons of PAINBLOC24


  • The active ingredient capsaicin is a natural analgesic
  • The supplement offers a generous amount of capsaicin
  • The product may provide pain relief for up to 24 hours after applying
  • Users may also find it suitable for back pain, muscle strains, bruises, or sprains


  • The product doesn’t support overall joint health.
  • The effects vary depending on the user.
  • High concentration of capsaicin may cause severe burning or redness of the affected area.
  • Users must be careful to avoid contact with sensitive areas to avoid burning sensations.

PainBloc24 FAQ’s

Q.How Should You Use PainBloc24?

A.You should apply the PainBloc24 topical cream every 12 to 24 hours depending on the pain you feel. When applying, you should take a small amount of the supplement on your hands and apply over the painful area (joints).
Make sure to avoid sensitive areas like eyes and nose as it may lead to burning and always wash your hands after the application. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of two applications per day.

Q.How Much Does PainBloc24 Cost?

A.Head to the official website and you can order a container with one ounce of PainBloc24 for $18.99. There are no shipping costs involved.

Q.Does PainBloc24 Really Work?

A.According to PainBloc24 reviews, It works well and give your joint pain short-term relief.

How We Researched & Rated

Here is our score, based on scientific evidence, of how likely PainBloc24 will be effective for its claimed benefits:

  • Trusted pain relief*3.9/5
  • Strengthens the bones*3.6/5
  • Reduce joint inflammation*3.5/5
  • Encourage cartilage repair*3.8/5

We used the insights from our research and testing to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to this product.

PainBloc24 – Customer Reviews

  • I love PainBloc24. The product is excellent for minor aches and pains. I would recommend this joint relief roll on to everyone. ~ Rachel

PainBloc24 – Conclusion

PainBloc24 focuses on delivering pain relief and, thanks to the capsaicin it may help to get rid of the pain for a short while. However, capsaicin is a potent ingredient that may not be suitable for sensitive skins as it may cause severe burning sensations that remind of harsh sunburn.

While the product might provide pain relief for up to 24 hours, it doesn’t offer support overall joint health in any way. At the end of the day, it depends on your preferences, but we recommend also checking other products so that you get to know all the options available to you before making a decision.

Bones are connected by joints, which allow us to move with ease. Joint damage can cause pain preventing you from doing the things you once loved. Many conditions lead to joint pain from aging to an untreated sports injury. A quality joint product may help repair existing tissue damage and also promote stronger joints, less susceptible to future degeneration.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective joint pain supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Rating Table

Our Top Joint Pain Relief Products


Projoint Plus

Projoint Plus
Overall rating 4.9/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Reduce Joint Pain & StiffnessReduce Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Supports Cartilage HealthSupports Cartilage Health
  • Maximizes Comfort & FlexibilityMaximizes Comfort & Flexibility
  • Quality Natural IngredientsQuality Natural Ingredients


  • Support Flexible Joints
  • Supports Cartilage Health
  • Supports Natural Joint Mobility
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, & Gluten-free


  • It can only be purchased online
  • People with seafood allergies can’t use this product
Bottom Line

ProJoint Plus supplement is worth considering based on the available information, as it ensures joint mobility levels are improved and restored. The potent ProJoint formula includes powerful proven, quality ingredients in their optimal amounts, including the powerful, backed pairing of Glucosamine & Chondroitin, and there have never been any reports of harmful side effects from customers.

Check Price

Joint N-11

Joint N-11
Overall rating 4.8/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Supports Joint FlexibilitySupports Joint Flexibility
  • Strengthens Joint MobilityStrengthens Joint Mobility
  • Doctor FormulatedDoctor Formulated
  • Purely Natural IngredientsPurely Natural Ingredients


  • Relieve Pain and Aches
  • Support Joint Health
  • Improve Joint Stiffness
  • Improve Muscle Strength


  • Only available online.
  • May react with other medications.
Bottom Line

Joint N-11 is an all-natural dietary formula that works to alleviate pain and inflammation. This cutting-edge formula delivers pure Niacinamide, which is clinically shown to help protect joint tissue.

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1MD MoveMD

1MD MoveMD
Overall rating 4.7/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Promotes Joint MobilityPromotes Joint Mobility
  • Promotes Joint FlexibilityPromotes Joint Flexibility
  • Aids Proper Joint FunctionAids Proper Joint Function
  • Lab-Tested IngredientsLab-Tested Ingredients


  • Doctor Formulated
  • Supports Joint Comfort
  • Ability To Lubricate Joints
  • Ease Joint Discomfort


  • Only available online.
Bottom Line

1MD MoveMD delivers clinically studied ingredients in one revolutionary joint health solution to help reduce joint discomfort in as few as 7 to 14 days. It uses lab-tested and proven ingredients and is suitable for both genders of all ages.

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Read All PainBloc24 Customer Reviews

PainBloc24 Review – Is PainBloc24 Product Safe To Use?
3.6 / 5.0
PainBloc24 Reviewer Rating
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PainBloc24 Review – Is PainBloc24 Product Safe To Use?
  1. Alysson D. Reyes

    PainBloc24 Reviews - Use with caution!
    Hi, I have used PainBloc24 for chronic back pain and around my waist (I work seated for 8 hours: causing this aching pain around my waist). Honestly, it does works instantly. However, you must both wash your hands extremely well and wrap the area with plastic wrap to avoid it touching it again with your hands then touching your face & getting in your eyes (I learned this the hard way); but if it does end up on your eyes: flushing it with lots of water and placing a cool compress will work to get the burning sensation off (or even better with milk!); so use with caution!
  2. Mary Johnson

    I love, love this stuff
    PainBloc24 has been a lifesaver for me. I have several areas that need pain relief; knees, torn rotator cuff that can’t be fixed yet because of Covid19, back pain, etc. I’ve bought more than 20 bottles and use it almost every day. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to make sure it doesn’t travel to body parts it shouldn’t and to make sure it doesn’t get in my eyes or onto my contact lens. This stuff really, really works and is worth all the inconveniences, from heating up at inopportune times to having to toss out contact lenses because the stuff was on my hands. I’ve gone through all the negatives but HONESTLY, the positives truly outweigh them all. I’m gonna continue to use this wonderful stuff and hopefully, they will make the bottles larger soon. I love it! Stay safe everyone.
  3. Orrin Sharp

    Amazing Product
    I highly recommend this product. It does everything stated in the brochure. In two days of use, my shoulder pain was gone. Yes, follow the warning labels as it will burn eyes and other sensitive areas. I use plastic gloves once and throw them away. I plan to keep it around and use it for all muscle and joint pain.
  4. Harriet Schreiber

    I used the roll on to relieve neck pain. I felt like I was on fire. I used ice to cool it down. Last night, several hours later, while trying to remove my contact lenses, I burned my eyed. It was Terrible. I was scared that I may have done permanent damage, but using a wet towel I relieved the pain. I must have had some still been under my nail. Today, almost 24 hours later, I touched my face and again started to feel the burning sensation. It did not help my neck issue either. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. I threw mine in the garbage.
  5. George

    Capsaicin Pain Bloc 24
    I purchased this product with a roller applicator. Applied to the elbow area. No pain relied on. Apparently, I touched the area during the day. I rubbed my eye later in the day. Immediate burning sensation. Could not see. Washed out with bath cloth. Also took shower to get off arm and elbow area. Apparently, residue remained on bath cloth. Burned my lips later when washing my face. No relief in pain in elbow and arm. Terrible side effects. Threw this away! Will never purchase again.
  6. Nina Marita

    Afraid to continue
    Read the warnings on the box, but could not believe the burning and redness would be so severe after one application. Could not sleep all night. Took a shower this morning and washed the areas where I applied very well. It is still burning 14 hours later. Will return to the store since I purchased 2.
  7. penny cobb

    Pain Bloc forever burning
    I used this once. I swear I had a burning sensation for 48 hours and I washed the area multiple times as well.
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