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Debra Grant 

Supple is a joint pain reliever that comes in the form of a drink, rather than capsule or topical cream. Sold exclusively on the internet, the Supple official website, while informative, has a ‘gimmicky’ impression, uses some exaggerated statements and devotes space to putting down rival products.

The ‘As Seen on TV’ product claims to work in as little as 7 days, and backs this up by offering a 100% guarantee, ‘challenging’ their customers to see for themselves. The overall appearance of the site is attractive and colorful and is also very user-friendly, featuring well labelled sections and headings. Several diagrams are provided to show the structure of the joint and how pain can occur in this area. Although the manufacturers make a number of statements regarding the clinical studies that have been performed on Supple, no actual proof is provided. The company does show photo-accompanied customer testimonials, a reasonable FAQ section and a section explaining how superior Supple is to other products on the market.

Supple – Facts


The Supple website has a good amount of information regarding the ingredients in the drink, which combines 10 vitamins and minerals with natural fruit juice and puree. The beverage is available in one flavour, mango and peach, and only requires one can per day. The manufacturers recommend that Supple is drank in place of a snack and by doing so may help the user lose weight, obesity being another cause for joint pain.

The full ingredient list is provided and each ingredient amount is also shown. The two main joint pain relief ingredients in Supple are Glucosamine and Chondroitin, both commonly found in joint pain medications and that work best when combined. The addition of Rebaudioside A, a natural sweetener that helps reduce blood sugar levels, allows the user to feel fuller for longer, while a blend of vitamins C, D, E, B6 and B12 help to form collagen, an essential component of healthy cartilage, boost immunity, and provide anti-oxidants. The minerals calcium and magnesium work to strengthen the bones, support cells and aid in protein synthesis.

Unlike many joint medications, Supple is suitable for those with shellfish allergies and for vegetarians as the Glucosamine is not derived form animal sources.

Supple – Positive Features

  • The full ingredient list is provided
  • Supple is in the form of a fruit flavored drink
  • Supple is suitable for people with shellfish allergies
  • Only one can per day is required
  • The formula contains 10 vitamins and minerals
  • The company promotes joint health through fitness and nutrition

Supple – Negative Features

  • No proof of clinical studies are shown
  • The company website makes some over-exaggerated claims
  • The product is not available in retail stores
  • Discounted prices are only offered with enrolment into the auto-shipping program
  • Supple is offered in only one flavour
  • Supple contains no hyaluronic acid or fatty acids, essential for joint lubrication

Supple – Conclusion

Supple contains some good, healthy ingredients and, if anything, would make a good daily dietary supplement. It is probably not the best product to provide joint pain relief however, and some important ingredients, in particular MSM and hyaluronic aid are not present in the formula. Despite the vitamins and minerals in the formula, Supple is expensive, costing $47.95 for a 24 day supply or $94.95 for a 48 day supply (which is only offered once enrolled in the auto-shipping program). Many of the same ingredients could be found in any multi-vitamin/ mineral supplement at a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Alexander says:

    I am suffering from knee joint pain since one year. I recognized soon as Arthritis is running in my family members from long period. So, I tried for supple drink daily. After few weeks usage, it is comfortable to walk and can easily climb stairs too. One bottle a day gives good relief from joint pains after getting cure. You also can try it. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you.

  2. Leon says:

    This stuff really works. I have tried several supplements but none of them provided me with the comfort I desired. Thanks to supple that helped my joints to move less painfully. I am extremely glad to have chosen the right product for my treatment.

  3. Emmy says:

    An extensive research helped me in finding the equitable reviews about Supple for knee joint pain and considering other vital information essential to know about this product. The effective ingredients present in it are so natural that after the consumption Supple has helped me in eliminating the joint pain symptoms. I am immensely satisfied with this product.

  4. Smith says:

    Supple is the best joint supplement drink I ever had. It relieved me from joint pain and arthritis. I purchased it online and it really tastes good. I used to have only one can in a week but now I am having 2 cans in a week. It is quite sweet. I can feel the change in my joints eventually. I am a regular buyer of this product.

  5. Thompson says:

    Supple is the best joint supplement drink I ever had. It relieved me from joint pain and arthritis. I purchased it online and it really tastes good. I used to have only one can in a week but now I am having 2 cans in a week. It is quite sweet. I can feel the change in my joints eventually. I am a regular buyer of this product.

  6. Wright says:

    I am not much in favor of using supplements all the time. For a year long, I had been plaguing from back pain along with the neck pain. Later on, after the pain reached its peak level and became unbearable, I started with natural treatment to get rid of it. I was surprised to see that natural therapies also were a flop. I was in a very confused state whether to go for a joint pain supplement or not. Then I came to know about supple drink which is very helpful in treating joint pains. After using for 4 weeks, there was huge improvement in the condition of my back and neck. I was very happy with it and able to do my work as earlier.

  7. Yosef Bowen says:

    I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and big toe and it is very difficult for me to move it. My mother got Supple for her hip pain but it didn’t work for her. Even I took it several times and then got a very good result. It is unbelievable for me that my toes and knees don’t hurt any more. Day by day with regular usage its makes me feel even better. Now I can bend my toe and walk freely.

  8. Kevin says:

    Supple is the best among all the joint supplements in providing relief from arthritis. This could be very helpful for the one’s suffering from arthritis and cannot do without supplements. It contains few ingredients so that it may not affect the body health. This can be suggested to anyone who suffers with any type of arthritis.

  9. Jared Dixon says:

    The flavor of supple drink was very nice. I really enjoyed drinking supple every time I use to have it. I am using it due to the symptoms of arthritis and for alleviating the pain. I couldn’t find the difference in spite of using it for almost 8 weeks. I still have it because I liked it very much. I think I need to use some more supplements to get relief for this joint pain.

  10. Carol Manhas says:

    Supple is an all-natural drink that provides the body with the building blocks of cartilage and helps in strengthening and repairing process of joints. I love this product. Today I completed my 3 month with Supple.

  11. Vanessa Beker says:

    I had my bad experience with Supple. First I didn’t like the taste and then I continued it for 1 month. Still was unable to notice any difference. Money is wasted plus my time. Please don’t go for this.

  12. Emilia Flores says:

    Today’s my dad’s 65 b’day and I gifted him 2 month pack of supple. He is an old customer of supple. He started using supple 6 months ago and still continuing I. He says it is due to supple, his pain has vanished. He say I feel younger just because of supple. So I must recommendable product for all.

  13. Ashley Perez says:

    A good product. Can go for this. I love this product.

  14. Anji Morkel says:

    I started taking supple, because I hate taking pills or tablets. But now I hate supple more than the pills or capsules. At least pills and capsule show result. My experience was not good. So I’m not telling you to believe me. Just try it, on your own will.

  15. Sherlyn Hamas says:

    Why they are not offering a trial pack????

  16. Russ Linda says:

    I love this product, since it is shellfish free. I started using this product for my knee pain. I was unable to do my job with ease. But after taking it for 2 weeks, my pain was gone. So going to continue it.

  17. Michael B. Sauter says:

    My joint were in great pain. I was feeling tired even after a little work. My personal and social life was disturbed due to pain. My wife brought this for me and after I emptied few bottles. I was feeling good. My pain is now under control. Good one!!!!

  18. Libra Castin says:

    Claims to offer money back guarantee. But I didn’t get. What can I do now???

  19. Angelia M. says:

    Order this for the first time after reading many reviews. I will keep updating about my pain relief from this drink.

  20. Jimy says:

    I took this supplement for my arthritis knee joint pain but couldn’t continue it since I didn’t like it’s smell and taste. After taking this pill I always gone to be vomit. Didn’t suit me!

  21. Susan says:

    My father is using this pill for last 45 days but it doesn’t give him any positive effects. I always advices him not to use this supplement but he never listen to me.  But today he ordered another supplement named Flexoplex for him. I am very happy with this supplement since it worked for my friend’s father.

  22. Lola says:

    Supple is a good product. It definitely takes away your joint pain away. I am impressed with its results and would recommend this product to everyone.

  23. Jeannette says:

    We never thought this would be such an ineffective product. I and my brother did a lot of research and then landed up with this products named Supple. I don’t know what went wrong at that moment of time that we decided to get Supple. It’s really horrible!


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