What You Need to Know About Excruciating Joint Pain


Most of the time, we look at joint pains as a symptom of aging and we think that it is normal to experience them. However, that is not always the case. Experiencing pain is the most obvious sign that there is something wrong with the body. Excruciating joint pains can be brought about by different factors such as hormonal imbalance, poor lifestyle habits, lack of exercise and/or a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Excruciating Joint Pain – an Underlying Symptom for Serious Disorders

What You Need to Know About Excruciating Joint Pain

It is important to consult a doctor once excruciating joint pains are experienced. As a first step for treatment, it is important to know first what might be causing the pain in the first place. Some of the possible conditions related to joint pains are the following:

  • Gout- a condition characterized by a build-up of uric acids, making the joint painful and swollen.
  • Arthritis – a condition when the joints experience severe inflammation.
  • Bursitis – the inflammation of bursa, a sac that helps reduce the friction of tissues.
  • Osteoarthritis – a condition when the natural degeneration of the joints and cartilages occur.
  • Tendinitis – a condition when the tendons become inflamed and irritated.

Aside from these medical conditions, joint pains may also be experienced as a result of accident trauma and injury from a physical activity or sports.

Remedies for Excruciating Joint Pains

Joint pains may be agonizing or excruciating, but they can be dealt with. There are several treatments available for joint pains, from home-made remedies to medical procedures.

Joint pains may be reduced by applying hot compress on the swollen area. Moreover, it is important that a person takes a rest from any strenuous physical activity and wait for the pain to subside before doing anything heavy.

There are also available over the counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can help you deal with joint pains. Over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen can be taken, but it is important to take them with precautions as these can pose serious side effects.

A person may also use steroid injections to alleviate joint pains especially for people who have arthritis. However, like NSAID’s, these can also cause side effects.

Alternative supplements are also available today to help reduce joint pain and improve over-all joint health. These supplements are usually composed of ingredients that promote lubrication and support for the joints.


The joints support our body weight and help us move. But when they “wear and tear” due to everyday movements, strenuous physical activities and medical conditions, excruciating joint pains may be experienced. In order to keep a healthy joint, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, make sure to see a doctor right from the moment you felt observed an unusual joint pain.