Watch Out For These Top 6 Causes of Leg Joint Pain


Chronic leg pain is characterized by discomfort on the legs. The harder part is sometimes you cannot figure out where the pain is coming from. It can come from the joints or the muscles and tissues surrounding it. Aside from the pain, there is a tingling feeling and redness around the infected area. Having this kind of pain may cause an interruption to a person’s daily activities. Athletes and players who are experiencing this should stop for a while and try treatments available to ease the pain and inflammation.

Watch Out For These Top 6 Causes of Leg Joint PainA lot of conditions can cause chronic leg joint pain like medical conditions in the joint, tissues and muscles around it.


This is the most common causes of chronic pain. Examples of trauma are sudden fall and twisting that may damage the joints of the leg as well as the tissues and muscles around it.


Due to blood clot in the leg, veins can swell and can cause severe pain, with tenderness and redness of the area.


This is another cause of chronic joint pain and is also called degenerative joint disease. This is a result of a monotonous and over use of the leg. Most of the patients of Osteoarthritis are players who play a certain sport that needs to give pressure to the legs. Monotonous jobs that needed to carry too much weight may also be a causes of leg joint pain. The reason for the severe discomfort is the damaged ligaments and tissues around the joint.

This also includes pain due to fractures, shin splints, sprains (due to stretched ligaments) and bleeding of tissues and joints.

Muscle cramps

Not only that it can cause chronic pain but also leg spasms. Just like osteoarthritis, it is caused by injury caused by overused leg joints and muscles. This can be very painful.

Peripheral artery disease

This is a problem with the circulatory system where arteries are contracted. If there is a problem with the blood flow to and from the legs, it can also cause a severe pain.


This is the swelling of joints that causes difficult movements.

Varicose veins

This is a painful swelling of visible veins in the legs and is difficult to treat.
Mild leg joint pain can be treated with simple warm compress, exercise and massage. However, treatments for chronic pain may be serious and difficult although there are several medications and therapies available as a treatment.

The most ideal thing to do is to consult a doctor in order to get an appropriate diagnosis and proper treatment. Do not wait for a simple pain to become unbearable as it can lead you to drop your daily activities if it gets worse.