Treatment for Knee Arthritis – The Basics


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis commonly develop among several specific joints in the body. One of the most common places is the knee. Treatment for knee arthritis may be necessary if you are experiencing chronic stiffness, pain, or even loss of mobility stemming from knee related symptoms. Millions of people in America, Canada, The U.K., Australia and every other location in the world suffer from arthritic conditions. As a result, there is a prominent research industry dedicated to making strides forward in both preventing and mitigating the disease through new treatment for knee arthritis and other symptoms.

Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Knee osteoarthritis may occur following a severe knee injury, and sometimes not until later in life. Osteoarthritis is the result of damaged cartilage failing to prevent bone-to-bone chaffing from occurring. If knee ligaments are damaged, the bone could begin gradually rubbing against other parts of the femur or upper-leg bone. Treatment for knee arthritis that is diagnosed as osteoarthritis could include physical therapy, changing dietary measures, and increased exercise. Sometimes these simple steps go a long way as treatment for knee arthritis, and have the capability of mitigating the symptoms to some extent. However, in other instances, this alone is not enough. In addition, cases of rheumatoid arthritis may be less treatable by the nature of the disease being an autoimmune disorder.

Typically, patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis must rely on non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment options to reduce swelling and keep the symptoms at bay. This could include natural remedies for the treatment of knee arthritis, such as borage oil and green tea extract, which essentially work as natural anti-inflammatory options. For osteoarthritis knee sufferers, treatment for knee arthritis could include a wide variety of natural supplements designed to promote the regeneration of bone and cartilage. For instance, glucosamine, shark cartilage, as well as fish oil and ginseng, many of which have well-recorded natural healing effects on the body. However, these supplements may only work sporadically and require long periods of dietary implementation to work.

Probably the best way to develop a treatment for knee arthritis strategy is to combine multiple effective methods including mainstream techniques and alternative medicines. One of the last-solutions for severe knee Osteoarthritis is the surgical route. Total knee replacements surgery is sometimes used as treatment for knee arthritis that becomes so severe it prevents a normal quality of life. However, this is a large, important decision and proper doctor’s consultation would be needed before choosing to make such a life-altering choice.