Treatment for Torn Knee Cartilage


Cartilage is a thin tissue layer that sits on different joints. The cartilage serves an important purpose because it connects two bones together and adds a protective layer between those joints. When you suffer torn knee cartilage, you usually know that something is wrong. Most people experience a tearing or popping sound depending on the severity of the tear. Doctors treat torn knee cartilage in different ways depending on the size of the tear or the location of the tear. Surgery is a possible treatment for torn knee cartilage, but doctors often try noninvasive options first.

Treatment for Torn Knee CartilageThe first type of treatment tried for Torn Knee Cartilage is ice packs. You must sit in one spot where you can keep the joint from moving. For torn knee cartilage, you should sit or lie down with your leg slightly raised on a pillow. Wrap a soft towel around the ice pack, and apply the pack to your knee. The towel keeps the ice pack from freezing or sticking to your knee. You should use the ice pack for up to 20 minutes at a time, giving your knee time to rest in between the applications. You usually treat torn knee cartilage with ice and anti-inflammatory medications that reduce swelling.

Another nonsurgical treatment for torn knee cartilage is a cortisone injection. This is something that only your doctor can do. This injection does not cure the problem, but it does reduce any swelling in the joint. This helps reduce the pain that you feel caused by the torn knee cartilage. Doctors also suggest physical therapy. A physical therapist works with the patient, showing the individual different exercises that strengthen the knee joints. Strengthening the knee joints can help the torn knee cartilage heal faster.

If the patient can no longer handle the pain or the Torn Knee Cartilage becomes worse, the doctor will suggest surgery. The surgery involves making small incisions on the kneecap so that they doctor can find the torn knee cartilage. The doctor essentially cuts away the damaged part of the cartilage, making a quick repair. The doctor might replace that damaged cartilage with cartilage from another area of the body. The recovery time for the surgery is usually a few weeks, and the patient must undergo physical therapy after the surgery. Those who suffer from torn knee cartilage can lead an active life even if they go through surgery.