The Link Between Weight Loss And Back Pain


Weight loss and back pain are health issues that seem to be a part of human life. It is known that having a lighter weight gives us more comfort. And for that reason, some people see weight loss as a way to alleviate back pain.

Thinking about it, the link between those two is pretty logical. Having a heavier weight means more work for your supporting structure, which includes the spine. So if one is to shake off extra pounds, the spine will be relieved of tension. It is probably better to know the truth and fiction about the link of weight loss and back pain.


  • Heavier abdomen can pull the spine forward. Some would think that this is one that causes back pain, but it’s not necessarily the one to blame. An extra curve in the back won’t give people immense pain, it is actually more beneficial as curves in the back causes mechanisms that protects structures of the spine that are in weak positions.
  • Exercise helps to loosen up the pain. Because of the mechanical nature of back pains, movement can help feel better. But exercise is not really tantamount to weight loss, so you must not confuse both with each other.
  • A lighter weight helps one to be more flexible. Too much fat in your midsection and legs may hinder you to move more freely. So losing weight will probably give you more chances to bend easier and won’t give you much restrains in movement.


  • Muscles work better with lighter weight. Having that notion in mind, people lose weight so that the muscles in the back will work better. But what they don’t know is that what comes in weight loss is loss in muscle weight too. A better notion would be to train the muscles and not lose weight.
  • Younger people will not likely encounter back pains but still, back pains do not choose any age. It will also affect young people, especially those ones who often do strenuous activities.
  • Weight loss will help the bulging discs in the back. Spinal disc is designed to carry about 3000 pounds from top to bottom. So losing or gaining weight as much as 50 lbs. Won’t have much impact.

Looking On How People Answer Back Pain Problems

A way that people do for treating back pains are topical applications like Topricin and Penetrex and joint pain supplements like Instaflex and i-Flex. These products are not really made out for treating back pain treatments, and side effects can put you at risk. And if they work, the results are just short-lived.

It’s just how we look at things that causes misconceptions about the link of weight loss and back pain. Although weight loss is directly linked to back pains, lighter weight is much more connected otherwise. To prevent any discomforts that overweight may bring, it is better to shake off extra pounds which could be done with the help of supplements.

Phenocal is a weight loss supplement that will help you gain a lighter weight. It is not like the usual weight loss product that promises quick and extreme weight loss results without healthy lifestyle as a requisite. It will give out positive results with the help of exercise, which is a factor that can help alleviate back pains, and a healthy diet.


Before making any move and spending more money, be sure to know first the facts that will give you more ideas on getting rid of the back pain you are feeling. And its better to opt for methods that you will benefit you for the long run and not just temporary as it will just lead you to spend out much money.