Relieve Pain with Stretches for the Back


The back and spine are two of the most important parts of the human body. Sitting or lying in the wrong position can lead to some mild discomfort or pain around the back, hips and buttocks. Using stretches for the back lets you get comfortable without using any over-the-counter treatments or products. The best stretches for the back loosen stiff joints, relieve muscle pain and make you feel better. You can use stretches for the back at work, when you wake up in the morning or at any other time of the day.

Stretches for the Back

One of the easiest stretches for the back is the cat-dog pose from yoga. Sit down on the floor on all fours with your hands and knees flat on the floor. Slowly curve your back forward, keeping your head down and facing the floor. Inhale and push your back flat as you raise your head. Yoga stretches for the back loosen tight joints and make your back more flexible. When you use this position, keep curling your shoulders forward and then making your back flat. You can use stretches for the back repeatedly over the course of your normal day.

Other stretches for the back include shoulder and neck rolls. For a shoulder roll, stand upright with your feet hip width apart. Relax your back until your shoulders sit at the natural height. Carefully rotate one shoulder back and then rotate the other shoulder back. Move your shoulders in small circles behind your back and to the front. You can also use these stretches for the back by moving your shoulders forward or moving both shoulders at the same time. For the neck roll stretches for the back, stand in the same position. Move your neck in small circles around your body.

You can also find stretches for the back suitable for work. The next time you find yourself sitting at your desk, hold your arms bent at your sides. Arch your back and push your elbows back. Stretches for the back of this type are also suitable for standing exercises. Do the same movement while standing to reduce tension in the back. Do other stretches for the back by standing up and clasping your hands in front of you. Lift your arms up and over your head as you slowly arch your back. These stretches reduce tension and stress on both your lower and upper back.