Sponsors Policy

Updated October 5, 2018
Joint Health Magazine is supported by our readers. When you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. See our Advertiser Disclosure.

Our website is focused on delivering informative and educational content to our visitors without requiring them to pay anything at all. However, we use sponsorship deals and agreement with partners as the opportunity to expand and continue providing top-quality service to our consumers.

The sponsorship deals you may notice on our websites are so-called advertisements. Our website gives our advertising partners an opportunity to advertise their services and products. You can find out more in our Advertising Policy.

The goal of the website remains to deliver the users content that will inform them and help them to manage their personal health in a more effective way. Some of the topics we discuss include nutrition, exercises, health, and wellness, as well as maintaining and improving general health and well-being and promoting a healthy way of life.

Our Crucial Goals

Assisting our visitors to improve and maintain their overall health more efficiently

Utilizing medical research, studies, statistics, and other facts and evidence-based information to deliver valuable content that visitors may consider educational for their health

Promote overall health, well-being, and a healthy way of life

We voluntarily follow the Company Interaction Code of the Medical Specialty Societies’ Council (CMSS). The goal of this code is to guarantee that the societies have a transparent and unbiased interaction with companies.

How We Develop Content – Editorial Policy

We always work with professional staff, including both content writers and editors. Please take a look at our editorial policy to find out more about how we develop content.

Disclosure for Affiliate Compensation

This disclosure is strictly applied to this platform, including desktop and mobile versions of the platform, which will be referred to as “Website.” Our company is providing this document in order to inform the readers about our financial endeavors with sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, and any third-party companies mentioned on the website.

While browsing our website, you may encounter published links to third-party pages, including the purchasing pages of products and services. There are affiliate programs we are a part of and, if you follow through our link and buy the product, we may be entitled to compensation.
The reason why we are making this information public is to assure the visitors that any financial deals and commission cannot affect the content of our website, which remains of the highest quality at all times.

Our company may be a part of affiliate programs, such as Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, iHealth, and others. The list is subject to changing and can be changed at any moment.

If you have any concerns, dilemmas, or questions, regarding the products we reviewed on our website, we encourage you to contact us and we will respond you in the shortest possible timeframe.