Spinal Arthritis – No Laughing Matter


While arthritis can affect all joints in the human body, there are bones in the spine that can lead to spinal arthritis. This is when the facet joints or vertebral joints are plagued and invade with arthritis. The reason these joints are important is because they are responsible for joining all the vertebrae in the spine together. These are also the rear portion of the spine so spinal arthritis is painful because it interferes with many every day movements such as sitting or bending. Spinal arthritis will need to be treated with a comprehensive program that can soothe the symptoms of spinal arthritis, allowing you to lead an active life.

Joints get thicker with age, and this is one reason that spinal arthritis occurs. A breakdown of the cartilage can lead to some of the cause of the pain of spinal arthritis. A major problem with spinal arthritis is the fact that the pain tends to spread to other parts of the body and that leads to pain that can sometimes seem overwhelming. This pain can be in the upper thighs or buttocks. Inflammation in the facet joints are what lead to spinal arthritis and this, untreated, can lead to progressive joint degeneration as a result of ongoing friction.

Spinal arthritis can have worse effects to. In the worst case scenarios, spinal arthritis can lead to an inability to have range of flexibility without pain. This spinal arthritis can lead to decreased movements in the back, and atrophy makes spinal arthritis even worse. Walking and standing can become difficult, and even sitting can cause pain.

The good news is that there is treatment for spinal arthritis. If you have been diagnosed with spinal arthritis, you will want to find a treatment that is minimally invasive so that you can suffer the fewest amounts of side effects. If you do need to have surgery, it can be performed with small tubes that are also minimally invasive. It is important to know that you don’t have to live with the pain of spinal arthritis. There are many treatments for spinal arthritis that have proven to be very effective for many different kinds of people. Some of these treatments are so advanced that they only take five days to complete. This means that in less than a week, you could be in a very different physical condition than you are today, living life and enjoying it.