Side Effects Glucosamine – When to Worry


If you are one of the thousands of people in this country who are suffering from osteoarthritis, then it is time that you educated yourself about the causes and about the cures. First, when we talk about cures, we are should note that there are not actual cures for arthritis. In other words, we can’t make this disability go away, but we can manage the pain and help people suffering from osteoarthritis to lead full lives and to live happy health lives. For many people, natural glucosamine supplements are the best treatment, though if you choose to go this route, you need to learn about the side effects glucosamine. The side effects glucosamine include vary among users of these supplements, though in almost all cases, side effects glucosamine are not severe.

People who also suffer from diabetes should not risk side effects glucosamine without first consulting a health professional. In some cases, the side effects glucosamine include lessening the effectiveness of insulin, meaning that you might not get the boost you need from the insulin. It also is possible for pregnant women and women who plan on having children to suffer side effects glucosamine. Again, if you are thinking about using this kind of treatment, you should check first with a specialist. While it is important to educate yourself about side effects glucosamine, you never want to move ahead without an official opinion.

With that being said, side effects glucosamine are far fewer than those associated with COX-2 inhibitors and other chemicals that are included in conventional pain killers. When you look at the side effects associated with these products as compared to side effects glucosamine, it is easy to see that the natural supplement is far more appealing. With COX-2 inhibitors, you do have possible stomach damage and liver damage. None of these serious side effects appear in the list of side effects glucosamine.

Finally, one of the most potentially dangerous side effects glucosamine affects those with shellfish allergies. You see, glucosamine is derived from shellfish most often, even though it is produced naturally in the human body. While this normally is not one of the serious side effects glucosamine, it should be noted, especially for those who have had severe allergic reactions in the past. When it comes to learning about side effects glucosamine that occur because of added ingredients which often times are inactive, it is important that you become familiar with the producer and supplier of your supplements. Natural supplement suppliers often have some certification that distinguishes them.