What are the Different Types of Shoes for Knee Arthritis?


Knee arthritis is a condition that leads to swelling in the knee joint and often some type of pain. Wearing shoes for knee arthritis is one way to get relief from this condition. These shoes are similar to orthopedic shoes because the shoes force the bones and joints of the body into the correct alignment. Some people assume that shoes for knee arthritis are boring or plain but this is not true. The top shoes for knee arthritis come in stylish options for men and women.

The best Shoes for Knee Arthritis typically come in four varieties: running shoes, sandals, dress shoes and clogs. Clogs feature a curved bottom, similar to a wedge shoe. The clogs also have a thin strap that wraps around the back of the shoe, keeping the foot safely inside the shoe. Clogs are good shoes for knee arthritis for those who want shoes that serve multiple purposes. You can easily wear these shoes for knee arthritis when running errands in town, working outside in your garden or even for special occasions.

Some people think that knee arthritis means they can no longer be active. The truth is that you can easily lead an active life as long as you wear the right shoes for knee arthritis. Running shoes are the perfect choice for those who need shoes for knee arthritis that still want to stay active. These shoes push your legs into the proper alignment while still having traction on the soles for running, walking or exercising. Some of the top running shoe manufacturers make shoes for knee arthritis, including New Balance.

The last thing that you want during the summer months is finding yourself stuck in a pair of clunky Shoes for Knee Arthritis. That is why several manufacturers make sandals. Women can find sandals with a thick bottom that keeps your knees aligned. The sandals come in different styles, including those resembling ordinary flip-flops. Shoes for knee arthritis also include dress shoes for special occasions. Women can find shoes that look like flats or heels but provide the extras needed in an orthopedic shoe. Men can also find dress shoes for knee arthritis that have a hidden lift in the bottom of the shoe to push the leg bones into the correct alignment. You can even find boots for the winter months that give you the necessary benefits.