Severe Neck Pain? You Can Treat It Easily!


It’s a bummer when there’s an excruciating pain in your neck. You can’t use them properly. It disturbs the fluidity and flawlessness of your day. How can you treat neck pain? First, you must understand this condition, its symptoms and causes.

Neck Pain

Stinging Pain in Your Neck

As the term suggests, it’s the pain occurring anywhere in the neck, which is from your head’s bottom to the top of your shoulders. Unfortunately, this pain can extend to your upper arms or back. This painful situation can limit the movements of your head. People more than 50 years old have the highest percentage of suffering from this ill-condition.


In order to get rid of your neck pain, you should know and understand the different causes of neck pain:

    • A severe neck pain is caused by excessive activities that stress and strain the neck.


    • It could also be caused by certain positions such a slouching, sleeping with the neck twisted, or long period heads up.


    • Injury is another cause factor of this pain. It could be a fall or a car accident.


  • Other medical problems that might cause neck pain are infection, spinal canal narrowing (cervical spinal stenosis), and rheumatoid arthritis.


    • First and foremost, you should go to your doctor immediately after you feel the discomfort in your neck. At the clinic, he or she will ask you questions about the symptoms you see. You will then undergo a physical examination.


    • The doctor usually checks how well you move your neck. He or she will also check for tingling, weakness, or numbness in your hands or arms.


  • The doctor might recommend more tests if it’s caused by an injury or it had lasted for several weeks. These tests include an MRI scan, X-ray, or a CT scan. These will be performed over your neck bones, spinal nerve roots, spinal discs, and spinal cord.


You can check for yourself the symptoms of neck pain:

  • Stiffness, severe pain, or a knot in your neck.
  • The excruciating pain extent towards the shoulders, arms, or upper back.
  • You might have headaches.
  • You are unable to move your head easily.
  • You can also have numbness or weakness in the arms.

Home Treatments

The treatment will depend on the cause of your neck pain. The pain caused by activities can be easily treated at home.
For home treatments, you can try the following:

    • Ice pack or cold massage – do this for 15 to 20 minutes every day.


    • Heat pad or hot water bottle – don’t overheat this as it may increase swelling, instead.


    • Cervical pillow – a feather cushion with a towel roll placed in to support the neck.


    • Right bed positioning – to treat neck pain completely, you should know the appropriate sleep position (you can search the internet for further tips and advices regarding this matter).


    • Relax your muscles – deep breathing with soft music will do the healing.


    • Collar – you can use a collar to give rest to your neck.


  • Stretches – you can try side stretches, chin tucks, or turning.