A Better Understanding of Severe Foot Joint Pain


The feet are the major loco motor organs of almost all vertebrates. They bear all the weight of the body and carry the body from one destination to another. Without our feet, it would be difficult for us to travel to other places.

We have to take care of our feet because our feet are prone to disease and injury. Some of these abnormalities are characterized by stiffness of the foot joints, redness and swelling muscles, bruises and cracking noises.

When we say severe foot joint pain, we are pertaining to injuries that are previously there but have been neglected so they worsen over time.

Pointing Fingers

A Better Understanding of Severe Foot Joint Pain

If we ourselves are to blame for severe foot joint pains, how can we lessen the agony?

To prevent severe joint pain, it’s best to know the contributing factors that cause it:

  • Aging makes the bones weaker.
  • Since it is the feet that carry our body, it follows that our weight may be a factor that causes injuries.
  • Standing for prolonged period is uncomfortable for the feet.
  • Previous injuries on the foot can be a factor.
  • Ill-fitting shoes can make the joints susceptible to sprains.
  • Overworking the feet is not good.
  • In-born bone deformities will also make walking uneasy.

Joint pain in the foot is also caused by medical conditions such as:

  • Gout from uric acid buildup
  • Arthritis due to rubbing friction among bones which is caused by poor bone and cartilage lubrication
  • Bone fractures caused by accidents and carelessness
  • Bunions and bumps from ill-fitting and very tight shoes
  • In-grown nails that may spread to nearby regions of the foot
  • Common Cure for Foot Joint Injuries

Since the early history of mankind, the different ways for eliminating pains and restoring proper functioning of the foot have been formulated by men. Truth is that living a sedentary life has never been a good habit and will never be. Here are some initial treatments for severe foot joint pains.

To relieve the pain, you may apply the following:

  • Ice bath to make the pain subside
  • Keeping the feet above the level of the heart
  • Use crutches to aid you in walking
  • Resting your body until it is fully recovered
  • Abstinence from stressful physical activities
  • Wearing comfortable and properly fitting foot wear
  • Bandaging of foot to prevent it from being moved
  • Food pads that prevent irritation
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Pain killers to lessen the agonizing injury

These remedies can be applied to help the pain go away. You do not have to endure the discomfort caused by your incapacitated foot because there are many ways to recover. If first aid medications do not show any signs of progress, never hesitate to contact a doctor right away.