Flexibility Exercises for Severe Arthritis


Flexibility exercises are an excellent choice for those battling severe arthritis. These exercises make the joint more flexible, which can help with the lack of cartilage in the joint. Using the exercises daily also improves the strength of the joints, making it easier to do everything you need to do daily. Flexibility exercises for severe arthritis include shoulder circles, tiptoe stretches and finger curls. You can also find other flexibility exercises designed for other areas of your body where you suffer from severe arthritis.

Severe ArthritisStart with the shoulder circle exercise if you suffer from severe arthritis in the neck, shoulders or upper back. Stand with your feet hip width apart and your hands touching the top of your legs. Hold your head upright and lift your shoulders up as high as you can go. Carefully rotate your shoulders back for this severe arthritis exercise. Drop your shoulders back and then down and then back up until you reach your original position. You can work both shoulders at the same time or focus on one shoulder at a time. Repeat this severe arthritis exercise at least five times.

The finger curl is a good exercise for those who have severe arthritis in the hands and fingers. Hold your hand in front of you and turn your wrist over so that your palm faces up. Bend your fingers down as if you are making a fist. Keep your thumb to one side and hold the position for five seconds. Repeat the severe arthritis exercise as many times as you can handle. A similar exercise is the thumb bend. Press your thumb straight down until you get close to your pinky finger. You should hold this severe arthritis pose for five seconds before you let go.

The tiptoe exercise is suitable for those who have severe arthritis in the ankle, knee or lower legs. Stand upright with your feet at least 12 inches apart. Push yourself up from the ball of your feet, gently transferring your weight to your toes. When all of your weight is on your toes, hold the position for five seconds and drop back down. This severe arthritis exercise gently stretches the muscles in your knees and lower legs. If you have problems maintaining your balance, use a chair for extra support. Keep your hands clasped on the back of the chair as you move through this severe arthritis exercise.