What are the Natural Ways to Prevent Pain and Inflammation?

When experiencing ongoing joint pains, whether caused by older age, poor posture, inactivity, trauma or arthritis, most people resort to natural remedies like therapeutic gel packs, weight loss, exercise, diet modifications and even supplements but also over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Repairing joint mobility requires making significant lifestyle changes, depending on the severity of the experienced symptoms. Apart from pain, some people encounter difficulties walking and notice that doing certain movements is impossible, not to mention the swelling. The reality is that nobody wants to end up incapable of carrying groceries or performing simple daily tasks.

For this reason, caring for the joints[1], which make the connection between bones, allows them to remain healthy despite the passage of years. It is more than obvious, but when reaching 60 years old, bending, turning and wiggling become more and more difficult. However, until you get old, you can benefit from healthy and happy joints if you watch your weight, develop a workout program, perfect your posture and eat right.

Adopt a well-balanced diet

Adopt a well-balanced diet

Without a question, healthy foods nourish joints. Inflammatory foods represent the enemy of healthy joints because they contain sugar and additives. Not drinking enough water is equally harmful because joints need lubrication.

A bonus tip, the water should be purified or filtered. In addition to water, drinking natural tea is also good for overall health. For instance, Essiac Powder which is a tea, comes with numerous benefits for the body.

Moving on to a balanced diet perfect for ensuring excellent mobility and preventing joint problems, it should definitely include green vegetables and fresh foods.

According to experts, cherries are great anti-inflammatory snacks that you should enjoy eating. Calcium-rich foods are necessary for healthy and strong bones. These refer to broccoli and kale, milk and yogurt, cereal and soy beverages. Vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin K are good for repairing tissue and promoting bone density.

Develop a proper workout program

Develop a proper workout program

The main purpose of joints is to prevent bones from rubbing together so you should know that you can wear and tear the cartilage cushioning the joints by carrying heavy loads or suffering injuries. Damaging joints inevitably leads to arthritis. This means that you can ensure your joint mobility only if you keep them but also the bones and muscles strong.

When it comes to weight, you do not have to be paper thin, but you do need to avoid gaining extra pounds[2] because an unhealthy weight puts great pressure on the knees and back thus causing joint injury. Those people who want to shed some pounds or maintain their current weight should definitely direct their attention towards aerobic exercising, which reduces joint swelling, according to researchers.

On the other hand, if you live a sedentary life, you should also worry about the health of your joints because the lack of movement leads to stiffness. Nowadays, computer addicts are more likely to experience joint issues because they do not change positions as often as needed. A strong core is ideal for great balance.

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