Types of Pre Knee Replacement Exercises


Before you undergo knee surgery, your doctor will recommend some pre knee replacement exercises. This exercises feature a design that works the muscles in the knees and lower legs. When you have better muscle tone and stronger muscles, your healing time after the surgery is much less. Pre knee replacement exercises include those you can do at home as well as those requiring extra equipment. Most doctors recommend that you use pre knee replacement exercises for a month or more before your surgery date.

Water aerobics are one form of Pre Knee Replacement Exercises. Traditional aerobics are high-impact, which means that the exercises put more strain on your body, especially your knees. Exercising in the water is a far better option because the water reduces the impact of the pre knee replacement exercises on your body. You can get even more relief by doing water aerobics in a heated swimming pool. The warm water reduces the stiffness that you feel in your knee and makes the pre knee replacement exercises more comfortable.

You also have the option of using flexibility exercises, which increase the flexibility of your muscles. One form of pre knee replacement exercises is the knee flexion. With this exercise, you put your feet on the floor and sit in a chair with a straight back. Lift your foot slightly and point your toes. Push your foot underneath your body, as if you are trying to touch the bottom of the chair. Pre knee replacement exercises of this type increase the flexibility of the muscles around your knee. These types of pre knee replacement exercises require at least five repetitions every day or several times a day.

Doctors believe that patients who use Pre Knee Replacement Exercises begin the healing process faster than those who avoid the exercises. You must use exercises before the surgery and after the surgery. Those who take part in the pre knee replacement exercises strengthen the muscles, which make the post exercises easier. Your muscles stay active and healthy during the recuperation phase after the operation. Your doctor might suggest other forms of mild exercise prior to the surgery, including Pilates or yoga. These exercises will not lead to any further pain because the exercises involve light stretching. Pre knee replacement exercises are a simple way to ensure that you keep your knee healthy before the surgery and long after the operation.