Pointing Fingers at Osteoporosis Causes


One of the most dreaded diseases that can be acquired as people age is osteoporosis. Fortunately, the disease is evitable through healthy lifestyle. Characterized based on its Greek translation which implies “porous bones”, osteoporosis will make your bones fragile and your body frail.

Acquiring an ailment wherein the quality of your life and your self-esteem are at risk must be prevented.
osteoarthritis leaves millions of individual on a debilitating condition. Most of them are elders and some of them are unfortunate to be abandoned in health care homes.

Tip of the Iceberg

Pointing Fingers at Osteoporosis CausesThere are many factors that contribute to the onset of this bone disease. Better understanding of the causes of osteoporosis is important so that risk factors may be avoided throughout someone’s lifetime.

  • Calcium is depleted from the bones as people age and less bone density results.
  • Asians and Caucasians are very prone to osteoporosis.
  • The size of the bone is also a determinant because the bigger the bone is, the more calcium deposits are present.
  • If your family has a history of osteoporosis, start living healthy now.
  • Low bone density is also one of the osteoporosis causes.
  • Sometimes, the medicine we take may degenerate calcium stored in our bones.

Non-modifiable is the term used to refer to the above mentioned causes.

Lifestyle and habits are the modifiable conditions and examples are as follows:

  • Tobacco smoking and excessive alcohol intake will increase chances of acquiring bone fractures because these unhealthy activities will inhibit osteoblast important in production of new bone cells.
  • High dietary protein is not good at all and although direct connections with osteoporosis have not been established, this condition is a possible cause.
  • Too much physical exercise and endurance training will weaken the bones.
  • Acidic beverages are harmful because some of them contain phosphoric acid which is not good for the bones.
  • Vitamin D is important in the absorption of many nutrients such as calcium. Deficiency of this vital substance can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Living a passive and sedentary life will not help bones to develop.
  • Depletion of estrogen levels among women make them very susceptible to porous bones.

Symptoms of the illness may not manifest so it is definitely vital that you spend time to visit your doctor and have a regular check on your skeletal system just to make sure.

As you age, it is recommended that you take in more nutrients so that you can help your weakening body restore cells that are vital in your daily routine. If you are younger, it is best to avoid or stop your vices now and engage in more worthwhile activities because for sure, you do not want to end up with a hunched back, broken bones and fragile body as you grow older.