What are the Different Types of Osteoarthritis Treatments?

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

The first question that a person asks after a diagnosis of osteoarthritis is about the different osteoarthritis treatments and plans available. The type of osteoarthritis treatments that a person uses depends on the severity of his symptoms. Even two people with similar symptoms might find that they each need different osteoarthritis treatments or plans. When you receive a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, you should treat your condition like you would any other medical condition. Try using a few different methods until you find the best osteoarthritis treatments for your specific symptoms.

The most common Osteoarthritis Treatments are simple rest and relaxation. The more pressure that you put on your joints, the more pain you experience. You should learn ways to reduce the pressure that you put on your joints, such as working with a therapist. The therapist can teach you simple ways to unload the dishwasher, spend time in your garden or play with children without stressing your joints. Osteoarthritis treatments might also include bed rest. Use bed rest as a form of osteoarthritis treatments when you notice pain associated with exercise, walking, standing or sitting. Lie down and let the joint relax for several hours.

Medical braces are another form of osteoarthritis treatments. Braces come in different designs for specific areas of your body. For example, a knee brace slips over your leg and wraps around the knee. This brace acts as osteoarthritis treatments because it keeps the joints in your knee from rubbing against each other or moving improperly. Braces are also available for elbows, hips and other areas of the body. You can also find inserts for your shoes that work as osteoarthritis treatments. The inserts slip into the bottom of your shoe and keep your legs properly aligned.

Pain relieving sprays, creams and ointments fall under a different form of Osteoarthritis Treatments. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for any of these products. Many drugstores, pharmacies and online stores sell these products, as well as other osteoarthritis treatments, including supplements. The osteoarthritis treatments form of supplements strengthens your joints and promotes health in the joints. The creams, ointments and sprays are best for treating daily symptoms. You can use the ointment on your joints after exercising or any other activity that causes pain. You might find that the best osteoarthritis treatments for your situation are a combination, such as a brace with an ointment.