Osteoarthritis Symptoms – Learning the Basics

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

The osteoarthritis symptoms that patients experience are universal. Any type of arthritis can induce pain, fatigue, and depression. Osteoarthritis symptoms can be treated to reduce their severity, but the disease itself cannot be cured. If you are experiencing any of these osteoarthritis symptoms, you should see your doctor in order to get a definite diagnosis. You will also be able to set up a treatment plan when you see your doctor, and it will be easier to get on the road to dealing with your arthritis symptoms. Learning as much as you can on your own can also be beneficial.

One of the most common osteoarthritis symptoms that patients experience is pain. This is due to the inflammation your joints experience. Stiffness is also common among the osteoarthritis symptoms. This can occur in the morning after you have been still and sleeping all night, or even after periods of inactivity throughout the day. Your doctor can prescribe medication that will lessen your osteoarthritis symptoms. If you are experiencing stiffness, it is important to try and keep moving to allow your joints to limber up. Herbal supplements and other natural remedies can be used to treat your symptoms as well.

Fatigue is a common part of the osteoarthritis symptoms that patients experience. This fatigue is caused by the inflammation of your joints, stress, or medication. It can make your osteoarthritis symptoms tough to deal with, but it can be treated. If you can pinpoint the causes of your fatigue, you can take steps to handle it in a healthy manner. For example, if high noise levels contribute to your fatigue, you can reduce as many of those sounds as possible. Turning the television down or not listening to the radio in the car may be all you need to improve your osteoarthritis symptoms.

The pain and fatigue that are such frequent osteoarthritis can also trigger depression since they can inhibit your life so severely. Depression can be a serious problem, so you need to see your doctor if your low spirit lasts for more than two weeks. It can also interfere with your daily life even more so than your osteoarthritis symptoms already do, and that can make you feel worse. The osteoarthritis symptoms are difficult enough on their own, and you do not have to suffer in silence. Be sure to alert your doctor to anything that is out of the ordinary for you, both in terms of pain and energy level as well as your emotional well-being.


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