Osteoarthritis Supplements – Natural Remedies, Many Choices

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Are you tired of living with the pain of osteoarthritis, but can’t afford the high cost of chemical prescription medicines that might do more to exacerbate the situation than actually help you get better? Even those that can afford the high cost of prescription pain killers are deciding to research osteoarthritis supplements and pursue natural remedies that are both better for their body’s and their wallets. If you’re interested in Osteoarthritis Supplements, it’s important to realize that there are many options available on the market today. Not all osteoarthritis supplements are as effective or natural as they might claim to be, so make it a priority to talk about your choices with your doctor before choosing one.

Osteoarthritis SupplementsWhen choosing Osteoarthritis Supplements, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind as to what you want the supplement to accomplish. If you’re looking for fast relief from pain when the swelling, stiffness, or ache becomes more than you can bear, it’s important to point out that osteoarthritis supplements aren’t going to provide the relief that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a way to slow the natural progression of your illness, osteoarthritis supplements can be a way to encourage your body to fight back against the effects of age, weight, and poor diet.

One of the most popular Osteoarthritis Supplements on the market today is something called avocado soybean unsaponifiables (which are also referred to as ASUs). In case you’ve never heard of these osteoarthritis supplements before, you should know that they are natural substances that are extracted from the oils of the avocado and the soybean. Unlike many osteoarthritis supplements on the market today, there have been serious scientific studies conducted on the effect of ASUs among those who suffer from knee osteoarthritis and hip osteoarthritis. Results show that those who took at least 300mg each day reported needing less pain medication to get through their day.

Another one of the most uncommon Osteoarthritis Supplements to appear on pharmacy and health food store shelves lately is something called Devil’s Claw. Derived from a shrub that’s native to South Africa, this plant has been shown to reduce pain and improve range of motion patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. As osteoarthritis supplements, Devil’s Claw can be found in one of several different forms, including tea made from dried or fresh roots, capsules, liquid extract, and topical ointments. It’s important to point out that if taken in higher than recommended doses, Devil’s Claw Osteoarthritis Supplements can interact negatively with blood-thinning medications.


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