Osteoarthritis in Women – Relieve Joint Pain Today


Women suffer arthritis more frequently than men, and learning to relieve the pain is an important step for enjoying their lives.

In recent years, a lot of interesting information has been uncovered about arthritis. While we’ve long known what caused it, there’s no question that other facts about it are surprising. For instance, it’s now growing in frequency among the young even children are developing it. Additionally, women suffer from it more frequently than men. In fact,

Osteoarthritis in Women

of the roughly 46 million people in America who have osteoarthritis, 61 percent of them are women.
The reasons for this vary, but largely come down to the way a woman’s body is designed. Simply put, it is a bit weaker than a man’s and it is very common for cartilage deterioration to occur faster, easier, and earlier. In younger women, the problem usually starts with injuries. These injuries due to exercise or overuse will often heal themselves, but can develop into arthritis with surprising ease and speed.

Older women are more susceptible to joint related pain due to their changing bodies. Things like menopause and osteoporosis can trigger joint pain and arthritis in a big way. As you age, you’re even more likely to develop various bone and joint related problems.

But there are ways to relieve joint pain and start enjoying life again, and with the right steps you can often escape from your pain, no matter your age.

For starters, add joint pain supplements for women to your daily regimen. Look for things like glucosamine and chondroitin, which build stronger, healthier joints by providing the body with the substances it needs to create strong cartilage, heal joint damage, improve flexibility of the joints, and improve tendon strength. Adding one of these joint health supplements to your life is the first step you should take towards relieving joint pain.

Also consider adding calcium and vitamin D, either in supplement form or through a modified diet. This is especially true if you’re an older woman since the breakdown of bone density is a leading cause of arthritis and other joint pain issues. In fact, modifying your diet to reduce sugar intake and increase Omega 3 fatty acids is a great idea as well that will help you with joint pain.

Start off by talking to your doctor about your pain to try to determine its cause. No matter your age, you’ve got options for managing the pain.