Natural Pain Relief – Mind Games


There are natural pain relief studies that show you can trick your mind to avoid brief feelings of pain. For natural pain relief from temporary or brief pains, recitation can help distract your mind from processing pain signals, according to the study. Who would have thought mind games would provide natural pain relief from temporary or brief pain? The results prove the theory is true. Japanese researchers discovered that patients who counted backward out loud while getting an injection did not remember feeling pain. The study consisted of 92 subjects, 46 were asked to count out loud during an injection, while the other 46 did not.

Natural Pain ReliefThis study suggests Natural Pain Relief can be a mind game. According to the study, only one patient who counted out loud during the injection recalled any sensation of pain. The other 45 patients recalled no pain. Of the test group who did not count, 19 out of 46 people reported pain during the injection. Ten of those 19 could recall what the pain was like. Compared to the 46 patients who counted, this would strongly suggest the mind plays an important role in natural pain relief. While this type of mental distraction may not work as a natural pain relief method for chronic pain, it does suggest the power the mind has over the body.

There is a plethora of natural Pain Relief recommendations available. Everything from exercise to herbal teas, to organic compresses and ointments has been recommended for natural pain relief for those who wish to avoid or lessen their dependency on chemical pain relievers. However, few natural pain relief recommendations make note of the power of the mind in combating pain. The Japanese study, while focused on brief, temporary pain such as an injection, it makes sense that continuous mental distraction might benefit other forms of pain as well.

The mind is an important component that should not be ignored when searching for natural pain relief alternatives. The perception of pain varies from individual to individual, and studies suggest this has as much to do with state of mind as it does body chemistry. While herbal or organic natural Pain Relief remedies offer valuable options, especially for those suffering severe debilitating pain, state of mind also plays a part in a person’s ability to tolerate pain. When considering natural pain relief methods, one should never discount the power of mind games to help a person cope with pain.