Natural Back Pain Relief – Black Cohosh and Devil’s Claw


Back pain can come from a multitude of causes. Excessive bending and lifting causes soreness in back and other muscles. Accidents, degenerative disc diseases, arthritis, and other injuries also contribute to back pain. Natural back pain relief is preferable to many people due to the lower risk of side effects and the healthier reputation of organic compounds. Natural back pain relief encompasses everything from soaking in an Epsom salt bath to massage to herbal or dietary supplements. Natural Back Pain Relief also comes in the form of compresses, poultices, and natural oils or ointments that are applied externally rather than taken orally.

Natural Back Pain ReliefOne such natural back pain relief option is tea made from black cohosh. This American Indian treatment is commonly used for chronic pain associated with rheumatism and osteoarthritis. For natural back pain relief from these conditions, herbalists recommend a tea made from black cohosh root. A teaspoon of the root simmered in a cup of boiling water for twenty minutes makes an excellent natural back pain relief remedy. It is recommended that the tea be split into two equal doses drunk at different times of the day. This natural Back Pain relief remedy should continue for two to three weeks, with a break of one week to ten days in between.

For natural back pain relief from strained muscles, injuries, or chronic conditions, devil’s claw provides an anti-inflammatory agent. Natural back pain relief can be achieved by taking 1000mg twice daily. Devil’s claw tablets and liquid have been used in Europe to treat lower back pain and chronic joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is a common and popular natural back pain relief both in Europe and in Africa where the plant is primarily grown. It is not recommended, however, for patients with ulcers or other stomach conditions as devil’s claw can be irritating to sensitive stomachs.

There are many options for natural Back Pain relief stemming from a multitude of causes and conditions. Black cohosh and devil’s claw are merely two forms of common natural back pain relief supplements. There are many other remedies and supplements that may also provide natural back pain relief. The primary focus for pain relief using natural herbal compounds should be those with anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and natural pain relieving qualities. Of course, you should discuss any dietary supplement with your doctor or health care provider before using to ensure it does not interact with other medications or aggravate existing medical conditions.