Muscle and Joint Pain – Natural Ways to Recover


There are many reasons why you would be afflicted with muscle and joint pain. Participating in vigorous activity, such as exercise, without properly stretching will certainly make your body ache. Some diseases, such as lupus and fibromyalgia, are characterized by chronic muscle soreness. Sustain bodily injuries, like getting hit by a car, will also cause muscle and joint pain. What causes the problem, however, is not nearly as important as finding relief from Muscle and Joint Pain. Rather than resort to pain medication that may cause more problems than they solve, here are a few ways you can alleviate muscle and joint pain naturally.

Muscle and Joint PainTake a Hot Bath – Heat therapy is great for melting away muscle and joint pain. While you can certainly relax in plain hot water, you can add things to the water to make it more beneficial. For example, Epsom salt has long been used to ease muscle and joint pain when added to a hot bath. If you are fortunate enough to have a tub with water jets, turning them on will give you a liquid massage that will melt away your Muscle and Joint Pain. Add bubble bath for a truly luxurious experience.

Use Topical Solutions – Some oils and creams can help get rid of muscle and joint pain on contact. For example, Capsaicin, which is made from hot peppers, provides relief from pain on contact. It is thought to stimulate the release of a substance in the body responsible for the communication of pain between the nerves and the spinal cord. Other topical solutions that may alleviate Muscle and Joint Pain include camphor oil, chamomile, sweet marjoram, and vetiver all help reduce or eliminate pain when applied or massaged into the affected area. Most of these oils can be purchased online or in a natural health food store.

Massage the Pain Away – It might seem counterintuitive because you are continuing to work the muscle or joints, however a massage can help relive muscle and Joint Pain. In the beginning it might be a little painful. However, you will soon experience relief as you release the tension in the joints and muscles. Combine the massage with a few of the topical oils to compound the benefit of the massage. If you want to avoid using pharmaceutical drugs to manage your Muscle and Joint Pain, then try a few all natural methods. Your body will thank you.