Leg Joint Pain Symptoms


5 Important Indications of Leg Joint Pain

Leg joint pain is a serious and difficult condition that’ s commonly experienced by older individuals. It is the swelling of joint and the muscles and tissues around it. The pain can be either mild of severe depending on the cause. Some can be treated easily by massage, warm compress and therapy but some may need medication and thorough therapies.

This condition is bothersome to people who are using their legs in their everyday work and tasks like the players and athletes. This can also be experienced by individuals whose work needs to give pressure to their legs by carrying so much weight. It is good if this pain is treated right away but chronic or serious conditions should be checked by a doctor so as to prevent further damage in the joints.

Leg Joint Pain symptomsThere are numerous possible causes of joint pains in the leg which includes the following: injuries like muscle strain, joints fracture or crack, tendinitis and splits; dehydration, blood clot, bone infection and arthritis to name a few.

With the following leg joint pain symptoms, the doctor will know the reason of the pain:


Swelling occurs when there is visible redness and inflammation around the area of the joint aside from the joint pain. This happens if the tissues around the joints have increased amount of fluids. The pain is often deep you do not know where the pain is coming from. The skin is warm because of swelling.

This symptom may occur after a strenuous physical activity, fall, blow or injury.


Stiffness is one of the earliest symptoms of joint pain. This is a condition where the leg has lost or reduced its range of motion after a period of inactivity. The pain is caused by the damage in the lining of the joint.


Deformity happens when there are visible lumps or the swelling muscles and tissues are protruded around the affected joint.


If pain comes with a fever, the patient should seek medical attention right away as it may be a symptom of a bigger and much complex condition. Fever should not be taken for granted as it is an indication that there is an infection or a deeper problem in the situation that needs more attention.

Redness of the area

This symptom is a result of the inflammation. Redness can be more visible and skin is warm if touched.

Now that we know the symptoms, it is important to know that there are available and effective treatments for this. For mild leg joint pain, simple massage, warm compress and rest can easily ease the pain. However, for severe pains, a doctor needs to see it because special attention should be given. The doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medicine, or will advise to get a physical therapy and for adverse cases, surgery may be needed.