Knee Pain Causes – Understanding your Pain


Your knees get a lot of abuse, even if you don’t realize it. Every step you take works the joint, which also bears your weight. Throughout a single day, you’ll put it through a lot. That’s why it’s common to feel a bit of pain in your knees from time to time. But when that pain is intense, persistent, or very recurring it can be important to look at the various knee pain causes and try to determine just what you’re facing. Some knee pain causes are minor, trivial issues while others could be a big deal. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common Knee Pain Causes.

Knee Pain CausesMany knee pain causes are simply related to wear and tear or to serious exertion. If you use your knee more than normal for a set period of time it could become sore the muscles could tense up and inflammation may occur. With these knee pain causes, resting your joints and using a warm bath or ice pack are likely to be all that you’ll need. So long as you can identify the probably knee pain causes when a flare up occurs, the chances are that your pain is nothing more than the byproduct of overuse.

However, that overuse could wear out the cartilage in your knees and trigger one of the worst of all knee pain causes arthritis. Arthritis usually presents itself as pain combined with swelling and stiffness, and if you can’t readily place any likely knee pain causes and experience these symptoms then there’s a chance that you’re experiencing arthritis trouble. Your physician can trace back your Knee Pain causes and determine if you are indeed feeling arthritis or something else, and even help explain some of the best ways to combat arthritis pain and swelling without having to take drastic measures.

Obviously, some knee pain causes are related to injury. Whether it’s from a sports impact or nothing more than a twist when out for a walk, knee pain causes related to injuries can be agony incarnate. Steroid injections and other options may be needed to help alleviate your pain, and in severe cases you may be facing surgery. Knowing the different knee pain causes will help you figure out just what kind of steps you need to take to overcome the pain. There are plenty of treatment options for all types and severities of pain, but it starts with figuring out why you’re experiencing it.